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How to spot bad Pomeranian breeders

There is no better pet than a dog, and if you are thinking of getting a new puppy, one of the first breeds you may want to consider is the Pomeranian. They are small, cute and affectionate, and adults and children love them. They make for a great pet, but know that the process of finding good Pomeranian breeders can often be tricky.

By asking yourself certain questions before dealing with any particular breeder, you will be able to ensure that you are avoiding these mass breeders and only dealing with the best. As a result you will be sure to get a dog that is healthy, happy and well behaved.

One of the first and most important questions you will want to ask yourself is whether or not a breeder has the necessary paperwork. This paperwork will prove that they are legitimate and show that they have the experience and knowledge in the field of dog breeding.

This is important because you want to work with a breeder who is educated and knows what they are talking about. To find good Pomeranian breeders you will also want to ask how long they have been in the breeding business. This will give you a better idea on their experience and you can ask for a few references, people who you can speak to one on one and learn about their experience with the breeder.

You will also want to question about the breeder’s background, asking for references and an experience statement. Be wary of any breeder who is unwilling to give you this information or who does not understand why you are asking for this sort of information. Also ask about the litter and why the litter was bred. You will not want to deal with any breeder who replies with an answer involving money. Remember that any good dog breeder is going to expect these sorts of inquiries and be agreeable to answer them.

Once you have had such questions answered by the breeders you are considering, you will find it much easier to narrow down the selections and make a final decision on one Pomeranian breeder. It may seem like a rather long and complex process, but the rewards you will receive as a result of taking your time here will be great indeed.

Always be wary of a breeder who is unwilling or unable to answer these sorts of questions. Any good breeder will be open and welcoming and more than happy to oblige and answer your inquiries.

By dealing with such important issues as registration, payment, advertising, the buyer’s background, breeder’s background, and asking questions about the litter and the breeder’s experience, you will be making yourself more informed and make the process of finding respectable and reputable Pomeranian breeders that much easier.

Rosie Allan

Rosie Allan loves small animals including Pomeranian puppies. Pomeranian puppies are toy dogs that make excellent household pets due to their small size and loving temperament.

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