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Hybrid dogs, mixed breed dogs and purebreds

People have long had a love affair with mixed breed dogs or “mutts”. These dogs tend to differ quite a lot in size, looks and personality, even when they come from the same brood. Mutts more often than not have very good healthiness and they make great pets.

A mutt is a dog that is a product of an unfamiliar family. They are not of one specific breed and it is usually unknown if there parents are of purebred status. Mutts have an unidentified heritage and a questionable inherited line.

A purebred has two parents of the identical breed. Usually there are lengthy genetic records that go back many generations. Breeders vigilantly select the dogs they will breed so as to promise that the strongest traits are characteristic in the pups.

Some people may prefer to have a mixed breed or a mutt for a pet as they ordinarily have great healthiness and they make fantastic pets while others may desire to have a purebred dog. Yet, there is one more preference that can be considered and that is the hybrid dog or the “designer dogs”.

Hybrids are a cross of two purebred dogs from two diverse breeds. They are distinct from a mutt because their heredity is well-known. Each of their parents are purebreds with genetic lines that can commonly be traced back many generations.

Hybrid dogs are becoming rather the thing these days. You see them far and wide from movies to dog shows. These dogs tend to have the best characteristics from both of the breeds and as a rule a good mixture of both breeds.

These hybrid dogs often have really fun names such as a cockapoo for a cocker and poodle mix, a puggle, which is a pug and beagle mix, a goldendoodle, which is a golden retriever and poodle mix and of course, many other fun mixtures of the two purebred names.

A hybrid dog can be a great pet and if you cannot make a decision on a certain breed a hybrid may be a great pet for you. They are usually the best of the two breeds and they are inclined to possess better health than the normal purebred. They have uniqueness from both breeds and they are usually very remarkable and fun dogs to own!

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