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Interesting Pug facts

Known for his ancient and royal roots, the Pug is a popular and beloved
dog breed. In fact, as one of the oldest breeds known to man, the Pug
was once a respected resident of Imperial palaces. Here’s some more Pug
facts that you might find interesting:

Pug has their original source in China & then they breed in Tibet(A
state of China)around 700BC. But finally they spread to Japan and Europe

Pus were favored by royalty and Josephine, the wife of Napoleon had a pet pug named Fortune.

Pet Pugs were the constant companions of William Prince of Orange.
On one occasion, one of his pugs saved his life. In 1572, William was
awoken one night by his barking pug, just as the Spaniards neared

For years, Pugs have been captured in paintings. “Self-Portrait with a
Pug Dog” painted by William Hogarth is one of many that he has featured
a Pug. In fact, Hogarth had several pet Pugs which he featured in many
of his works.

The American Kennel Club recognized Pugs just in 1885.

Pug Facts For Care And Grooming:

Even though the coat of the Pug isn’t long, it requires regular grooming to maintain gloss and to keep skin healthy.

It is extremely important to cleanse any dirt in the creases of the Pug’s folds to prevent infections.

With the structure of the Pug’s face, one must always provide food and
water dishes that are shallow and wide enough that they damage their
eye on the side of the bowl.

Every dog, no matter the breed, will require dental care.
Specifically referring to Pugs, their teeth should be brushed at least
several times a week, followed up by yearly visits to the veterinarian
for dental scalings.

Size does not matter when it comes down to your pets, per se with
Pugs. No matter how small they may be, these dogs require exercise to
keep themselves in tip-top shape!

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