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Japanese Chins, the cat-like dogs of the Orient

Indeed, the Japanese Chin lives up to its name, because this spunky little breed has a distinctly Oriental expression! It comes The American Kennel Club describes this aristocratic toy dog’s expression as bright, intelligent, inquisitive and alert. The Oriental look is embodied by large, wide-set eyes, a short, broad muzzle and head, and feathered ears.

When it comes to their attitude, the Japanese Chin is considered one of the most cat-like among the dog breeds. They even wash their faces and wipe themselves with their paws like cats! They like resting on sofa arms or chairs, and can walk across a table without disturbing a thing on it.

We can trace this small and stylish animal’s ancestry to the ancient Chinese and Japanese royal courts. In fact, you can probably see this royal heritage by the stately way it holds its head up high! They even look like they are wearing royal robes, with their long, shiny and straight hair, feathery tails, and heavy ruffs in the chest and ear area.

These funky dogs can come in all sorts of color combinations. They can be red and white (with the shading ranging from sable to lemon or mahogany), black and white, or even tri-color. If they are tri-colored, they could be black and white with tan points or patches over their eyes, on their faces, and on their bodies.

Japanese chins are serene, perceptive animals. They echo their environment, meaning if your house is full of light and cheer and you have a busy, outgoing lifestyle, they will also be very friendly and social. If you have a solitary, secluded home life, they will also mirror that trait.

Another cat-like quirk they have is to climb up on things, just like their feline counterparts! They also snort or sneeze sometimes, as cats do, and cough up the occasional hairball from all the face washing! It is not a cause for alarm if they sneeze, however”it is due to their broad facial structure.

It would be a good idea to socialize your Japanese Chin at an early stage, because this will cause them to be more well-balanced emotionally. Even though they like familiar surroundings best, these dignified creatures are able to adapt well to change and have even been used as therapy dogs! They are people-lovers, and may bark at the arrival of a visitor or the occurrence of something unusual, but they are otherwise very quiet.

Japanese Chins are such an entertaining breed, especially when they perform what is called the Chin Spin! This generally placid animal will delight you when it starts dancing on its hind legs, raising its front feet in a clapping motion, turning in small rapid circles, and even singing! This sound can start from a low noise to a higher, even operatic trill that sounds sort of like, boooo!

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