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Labrador puppies: How to pick the perfect pup

Typically Labrador puppies are considered wonderful family pets because of their loving nature and playful demeanor. Most people love Labradors and you have probably seen a few energetic Labradors that have attracted you to the breed. However you should be wary of buying Labrador puppies from just anyone and expecting a sweet tempered dog. The popularity of the breed has meant a lot of unscrupulous people now breed Labrador puppies.

The typical breed characteristics of friendliness and loving devotion are true of many Labradors but not all. Some Labradors can be aggressive and dominating, it all comes down to how they were bred and socialized. Choosing the right breeder is just as important as choosing the right Labrador puppies. Otherwise you might have a puppy that will grow up with a temperament you were not expecting and health problems that burn a huge hole in your pocket.

There are some tell-tale signs of an irresponsible breeder, first of all they will probably not be raising Labrador puppies in their home. Ask how many litters they have and how many a year they have. Put this question to them in a way that suggests you are not sure if you want to buy a puppy now, you might want one in a few months time. If the answer is that they have plenty of puppies then you should stay away.

Think about why you are buying Labrador puppies. Is it because you simply want a friendly dog or a loyal companion? Or do you want to show your dog? If you want a family pet then consider buying a male Labrador, as they are usually more friendly and affectionate.

Remember that to get a good idea of what the puppy will be like you need to see where it came from, this means the parents. The kennels should be clean, if they are dirty and you can't imagine keeping a dog in those conditions do not buy from this person.

X-rays are not proof of Labradors puppies' hip health or its parent's health. OFA certificates are. You should know that sometimes breeders who do not have such certification would use x-rays to prove the health of their dogs. Be wary of such breeders, they are likely to have too many litters in a year or at any one time. Ideally a breeder should only have one litter at a time to better concentrate on the puppies.

Too often breeders will practice bad breeding practices such as breeding fathers to daughters often. The conditions in which puppies are bred are very important, as fifty percent of a puppy's temperament is a result of its socialization and surroundings.

Just because your puppies' parents don't have hip problems doesn't mean that there is no possibility of your puppy having hip problems. It can be extremely sad to watch your puppy grow into an adult that has hip problems. It will not be able to run and play the way it used to.

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