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Questions you should ask your Labrador Retriever breeder

You need to ask your prospective Labrador Retriever breeder a lot more questions other than how much they cost. Because Labs are the most popular breed in North America, there are (sadly) many people who breed Labs for quantity rather than quality. With a pre-written list of questions for your Labrador breeder, you can help avoid those breeders that shouldn't be within a mile of a puppy.

The most important questions when can I come look at the kennel, what kind of contract do you require and what do you look for in a new puppy owner. If you don't have time to ask a lot of questions (say, if you are at a dog show), then at least try to slip in those three. The answers you get will tell you most of what you need to know about what kind of breeder your future Lab puppy will be like.

It is absolutely vital that you are able to visit the kennels of any Labrador Retriever breeder. Even if you are at a show and there are literally a littler of pups for sale, resist the temptation and schedule an appointment. The environment your puppy will be raised in will tell you a lot about the health and mental stability of your future puppy. You also should be able to meet dogs related to your puppy.

You also need to ask what the breeder considers a good home for one of his or her puppies. If they don't seem to care, then they certainly do not care about dogs. They are just after your money. A good Labrador Retriever breeder will go on and on about they kind of owner he or she wishes all Lab puppies could go to. They will also quiz you about your store of Labrador information to see if you are anywhere close to being their idea of a good Lab owner.

They are a breed that can do as well outside as inside. It is not okay if they live in stacked crates. That's a sign of someone who doesn't care about the quality of dogs he or she breeds.

If there is no contract, then you should not have anything to do with this so-called Labrador Retriever breeder. There should be health certificates of the parents to see, including hip dysplasia scores as well as a contract.

Great Labrador Retriever breeders will give you all the paperwork before you even ask for it. They will also start quizzing you about what you expect in a dog and your store of Labrador Retriever information. Good breeders will always give preference to those with Lab experience.

You won't get your money back, but at least your dog will have a good home. Assume nothing. Great Labrador Retriever breeders will bring all of this up if you forget to ask.

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