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Recognized Poodle breeders

Good Poodle breeders are generally affiliated to well-known clubs like a kennel club or the Poodle club. The objective of these clubs is to promote all dog-breeds. If you approach a Poodle breeder who is affiliated to such a club, he will take care of every detail, when you are interested in buying a dog.

Such lists of breeders are available online, or contacts can be had from the local vet or even a kennel club, if you know of one near you. The Poodle is an intelligent, elegant and an active animal. It requires a lot of care at home, and if you approach a breeder, he interviews you to check out the home that the pet is going to.

You are asked questions on how and where you live, whether you have other pets and how you will be looking after the dog. Only if he is satisfied, he will hand over his pet to you. If you buy your Poodle from a pet shop, there is no interaction with the breeder at all. Most the time they can hardly give you any advice regarding the dog as well.

This direct contact with the breeder is therefore essential and a pet shop is unable to provide any assurance regarding the pet. The Poodle breeder offers a guarantee for the pet, because he has taken care to breed it and has made sure that it can adjust itself in a new home. The personality of the breeder also plays an important role here, as he must be a special friend to the dogs, otherwise he cannot be a good breeder.

Some Poodle breeders give a three-year guarantee for the pet. All the health papers and the visits to the vet can be taken from the breeder. The breeder should have clean and hygienic surroundings at home. As good dog breeders are working towards improving the quality of the dogs, they are not interested in the financial gain. For the Poodle’s pedigree the dog breeder has studied the background of its bloodlines. Such research-oriented studies conducted by the dog breeders make essential information for the new dog owner.

It is dangerous to buy a Poodle puppy from a backyard breeder, just because the price is much lower than a recognized breeder. You do save some money, but you do not get any information about the dog’s health and temperament. You also don’t get to know anything about the genetics of the breeding pair. Responsible Poodle breeders are the best choice, even though it may cost you more. But it will be worth the money, because you are getting high quality breeding, which educated professionals have researched. Each breeder has his own well-planned researched breeding programs, and the knowledge, time and money that goes into it is not to be scoffed at.

Often secondhand puppies are sold in pet stores and brokers bring them to the shops. The brokers bring them from puppy mills at a very young age. In fact they are too young at that time to stay away from their mothers. The pups are a danger to all, because they are not protected against any canine diseases like parvo or distemper. The pups look very sorry and sick, and people just buy them because they feel sorry for them. This sort of dog breeding and dog trading is incorrect and should not be encouraged in any way.

Therefore, do not buy your Poodle puppy from a pet shop. The puppies are generally brought from puppy mills, where the Poodles are bred, just to be sold and for business purposes. There is no concern about the quality of breeding, so their genetic health and temperament are not a matter of interest at all.

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