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Spotting fake Shih Tzu breeders

You and your family have talked it over and it is time to add a new member to your family. Everyone wants a Shih Tzu and now it is up to you to find the right way to get a good dog for you and your family.

You are going to need to find a good Shih Tzu breeder and this first step is one of the most important steps in the process. Finding the right breeder can make your experience in owning the dog that much better.

The first thing you can do is check with the National Kennel Club to find a reputable breeder in your area. The National Kennel Club will have a listing of most of the very good breeders near you and also some information about the dogs that breeder offers. There are other breeder registries that you can also look into and check out any potential local breeder you may want to deal with. If they are not listed with a registry then you may want to avoid them.

A good Shih Tzu breeder knows that the relationship between an owner and a breeder does not stop after the transaction is signed and done.

A good breeder encourages owners, especially novice owners, to contact them if they have any questions or concerns or if they feel they need any advice for the raising of a new dog. A good breeder knows that a good relationship between breeder and owner is essential to the ongoing good health of each dog.

Every good breeder is very concerned about your dog’s health so a good breeder will make sure you leave their property not only with a healthy dog but with detailed care and feeding instructions so you know exactly how to care for your dog. Many of the more reputable breeders will also send you home with a sample of the type of food your dog will need so you know exactly what to get.

A reputable Shih Tzu breeder will get an extra incentive from insurance companies that the more shady breeders do not get. A registered and reputable breeder will get the option to offer new owners free pet insurance on their dog that extends for six weeks after the purchase date. The insurance companies want you to use the insurance just once on a vet appointment and then extend the insurance. The breeder just wants to make sure the dog is covered.

Any good breeder will offer many options and pieces of advice to any new or experienced owner. You should discuss with your prospective breeder any of these conditions to see if you are dealing with a reputable breeder or not. A reputable breeder will offer to take the dog back at any point in its life if you can no longer care for it, with no cash refund. That is something you do not get from a shady breeder.

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