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The Havanese puppy

If you have ever checked out a litter of Havanese puppies, you know how difficult it is to leave without taking at least one of those cute critters home with you. This is a sweet and adorable dog that can make a good family pet for many people.

One of the most attractive qualities of the Havanese is its compact size. A full-grown Havanese may stand at a heigh of eight to eleven inches, and weigh anywhere from seven to fifteen poinds. This characteristic makes this dog a good choice for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike.

The Havanese puppy is generally a mild-mannered, affectionate dog that is relatively easy to train and enjoyable to have around. These dogs are eager to please and intelligent creatures, which is probably why they were a popular choice a circus perfomers for many years. These cute puppies will generally weigh between seven and fifteen pounds when full grown, and will stand at a height of eight to eleven inches. Their compact size make them a good choice for house and apartment living alike.

Once you have read a few articles and perhaps talked to a handful of Havanese experts, you are ready to continue with the process. So how do you find your Havanese puppy? Pet stores are not a good choice, since many of the animals that come into these retail outfits were originally bred in puppy mills ? places that are more interested in profit than in producing quality animals.

A reputable breeder is the best option in finding a Havanese puppy that will be healthy and a happy pet. To find a good breeder in your area, talk to other Havanese owners or your veterinarian.

Your breeder of choice will invite you over to check out his latest litter of Havanese puppies. Rest assured that every creature in the bunch will be cute enough to tempt you to take him home. Remain strong, and allow logic to prevail here if you want to get the best puppy for your family. Know the type of dog that you are looking for, including the gender that you prefer, before you show up on the breeder’s doorstep. This will allow your breeder to help you select the right dog for you.

So you’ve chosen your breed, found your breeder and selected your Havanese puppy. Now that adorable little creature needs a name. But which name will work the best for your dog? There are some guidelines that you can use to help determine the best title for your new puppy. First, find a name that is short and easy to pronounce.

There are plenty of places that you can search for that perfect title for your new pet. Once the naming is complete, you and your dog can settle down to get to know one another.

No matter what you name your Havanese puppy, the two of you are about to embark on a journey of enjoyment and companionship that will last many years. This is why it is so important to choose your breeder and your dog carefully, to ensure that you find the right pet for your family over the long haul.

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly hopes to be a Havanese dog in the next life and so is learning all she can about Havanese breeding, care and grooming in this one. This article is meant to be a trusted source of pet advice, including that of Havanese care and breeding. Informing the public of the best Havanese information will make owners less likely to abandon their pets.

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