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A guide to Poodle grooming

Owning a dog can sure be a lot of fun, but at the same time it is important to remember that a lot of work goes into it. This is especially true with a breed of dog like the Poodle, as these dogs are very high maintenance and require a lot more attention and care than other breeds of dog. Grooming is in fact the most expensive and challenging part of owning a Poodle, but is essential nonetheless.

There are a few things that need to be done when it comes to Poodle grooming, and this includes brushing, bathing, trimming, and clipping, to name a few. There is always the option of getting a professional dog groomer to do the work here, but remember that grooming a dog is a great opportunity to spend more time with them and bond with them, and this should really be taken advantage of. Also the dog will feel much more comfortable having their owner doing this than a stranger, and it is important to keep this in mind as well.

There is a lot that goes into Poodle grooming, and one of the most important aspects of all involves brushing. Regular brushing is essential in order to maintain a long and healthy coat on the dog. Also, if left for too long the hair can end up getting tangled and messy and can be impossible to get out. The topcoat may begin falling out and will get all over the floor and furniture.

Daily grooming in general is going to be helpful with Poodles, especially because of their long full coat. Regular brushing and combing are both essential in order to remove substantial hair shedding from the dense undercoat of the dog.

This is important because if this hair shed is left, as with any other long-haired breed, it will end up falling out and getting all over the floor and the furniture. One great idea for Poodle grooming is for the dog owner to create a photo album of the different Poodle haircuts that they like and bring these when they get their dog’s hair cut so they can get exactly what they want.

Look at pictures of different Poodles to decide what kind of hair cut to get for your dog. Of the many Poodle cuts there are the short, all over clip is the most popular. It is easy to maintain, every four to six weeks, and keeps your Poodle neat and clean. Of course, a show Poodle must get a very specific hair cut as described by the dog club, such as the American Kennel Club. If your Poodle is simply a pet, you can choose any Poodle cut you like. A shorter cut means that a weekly bath and minimal brushing will easily maintain the coat.

But for a pet Poodle any cut is permissible. Most prefer a short, all over clip that not only keeps their Poodle neat and clean but also makes bathing and brushing easier and less time consuming.

Keep in mind that there are professional groomers who are willing to come into the person’s home to groom the dog. This is very convenient, although there may be an additional cost for this.

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