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Dog bath, brushing and clipping, oh my!

Did you know you could get your dog to adore its baths, brushing and clippings? Puppies need to get accustomed to their grooming; beginning early while still young is the best time for puppies. This will aid in preventing any grooming issues in the future as the dog ages.

Every dog requires grooming on a regular basis whether they have a long coat, such as Samoyed, German Long-haired Pointer and Lhasa Apso, or if they have short coats such as Basset Hounds, Boxers or Labrador Retrievers and even those in between.

Each Breed of Dog Has Specific Needs

All dogs need basic grooming care such as brushing and bathing or ear and teeth cleaning and their nails trimmed, however different types of coats will involve different steps of grooming. For instance, a breed with long hair is more complicated and time consuming. It is essential to begin grooming a puppy early as they become acquainted to the routine of grooming. When a puppy learns to enjoy the process of grooming at such an early age, it creates a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere for you and you dog.

Everyday Puppy Grooming

To create a positive experience for your puppy, you should familiarize the puppy with the process slowly, yet often. Introduce the puppy to each piece of grooming paraphernalia by showing it to the puppy and letting it sniff the object for a few moments, one at a time. Then offer the puppy a small treat.

For instance, while introducing a brush, you gently touch the puppy with the brush while offering the treat. When the puppy accepts the brush, you them gently brush one stroke and then offer a treat. After about the third brush stroke the puppy will relax while understanding that brushing feels good. If you break the procedure down into small steps, the puppy has the opportunity to accept the positive experience you have created within each step of the process.

Introduce the puppy to the grooming station where it can become acquainted with the area before you begin grooming. For instance, a couple of days before having a bath you will place the puppy in the bathtub while it is dry, then let the puppy play with a toy and offer it a treat. The next day, repeat this process, although you should add at this time some water and a sponge. Allow the puppy to get used to a small amount of water slowly before filling a tub for bathing.

You will follow the same technique when introducing any other grooming tools such as a toothbrush or nail clippers. Taking the time to introduce grooming to your puppy will ensure a pleasurable experience for you and your dog for the rest of their life.


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