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Healthy pets need proper dog grooming

Grooming is a part of dog care that needs to be done on a regular basis to make sure that your pet continues to be healthy. As an owner, you not only need to make time and spend money for dog training, dog food, regular exercise and affection, but maintaining the health of your dog requires that you attend to grooming needs as well. There are some basic grooming needs that every dog requires.

Dog care nail clipping should be done on a regular basis. While it may not be an activity that either the owner or the pet enjoys, usually owners worry about cutting the nails too short, thus hurting their dog. But this is an important part of dog grooming, and without it a dog’s nails will get too long and end up scratching floors and furniture, etcetera. You can learn how to trim nails from a professional, such as a veterinarian, or you can take your dog to a pet salon.

Baths are another important part of dog health care that is important. While some dogs love it and some do not, baths are needed for most dogs about once a month. A bath will help improve your dog’s smell and will clean out their hair of most dirt and bugs. There are plenty of dog articles online that recommend different shampoo brands, but it is wise to check with a veterinarian as to which shampoo to use. Some dogs will require a specific type of shampoo depending on their hair and skin.

Finally, checking your pet’s ears is also an essential part of grooming. While the ears should be carefully cleaned during the monthly bath, they should also be checked on a regular basis outside of this event. A dog’s ears can be the perfect spot for bacteria, especially for dogs with floppy ears that don’t allow much fresh air to flow inside. Yeast infections can also occur and so a good dog owner will routinely check their dog’s ears and use special cleaners when needed.

Providing essential dog care for your pet is an important part of ownership. Setting up simple routines to ensure that the animal is bathed monthly, has its nails trimmed on a regular basis, and doesn’t go too long without an ear check and cleaning will be well worth the time and effort. Learn how to do these activities in the proper way so that they are not seen as a burden by you and a time for discomfort by the animal. The end result will be a pet that is both healthy and happy.

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