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Make dog bathing and grooming as stress free as possible

For some dog owners, bathing their pet can be very challenging, especially if they have to hunt the dog down when it is bath time. A regular bath is an important way to help prevent skin problems and keep the dog smelling and looking great. Comb and brush your dog’s hair prior to bathing to remove any loose hair, tangles, dirt and other sediments.

Before bathing your dog, gather up all the necessary bath supplies so they are within reach. If you place your dog in a bathtub full of running water and then have to go look for bath items you have forgotten such as shampoo or towels, the dog could escape and shake water around the house. It is far easier and safer to fill the tub ahead of time, gather up everything you need, have these within arms reach and then find your dog.

Some of the supplies necessary to bathe your dog include shampoo; brush or comb; bath mat or rubber mat for the dog to stand on in the sink or tub; hair conditioner; dry fluffy towels; sponge; large plastic cup or hand held sprayer; and a soft bristled brush. You may need to have a nylon leash and collar on the dog if it is difficult to keep in the tub or tries to bolt. Be sure to wear old clothes, a rubber apron for protection or even a bathing suite because chances are you will end up almost as wet as the dog. Keep all the required supplies are within arms reach.

At some point, many dog owners end up having to deal with a dog that rolled in something terribly smelly and unpleasant or a skunk sprayed their pet.  If you live in an area where there are skunks or you like to be prepared in case of an emergency, there are several de-skunking preparations available at pet supply stores or often at your local veterinarians. An old remedy that many people swear by is pouring tomato juice over the dog’s fur if sprayed by a skunk. Leave this on the dogs coat for a few minutes, rinse and continue doing this as required. Dogs with white fur sometimes end up with temporary pink or orangey tinged coats. A little dog shampoo, one-quarter cup of baking soda and a quart of hydrogen peroxide also works well but may require several shampoos.

To avoid vet bills and to keep your dog as healthy as possible, clean your pet’s teeth, ears, eyes and watch for any signs of injury or infection. Some of the products or tools required for monthly grooming include:

  • Moisturizing or canine eye drops
  • Cotton balls
  • Tear stain remover if necessary
  • Dog toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Mineral oil, ear wash or ear powder
  • Small scissors and/or tweezers
  • Heavy gauze or rags if anal glands require emptying

Along with these supplies, always keep a dog first aid kit handy in case of emergency.

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