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Caring for small dogs explained in more detail

When it comes to caring for small dogs, there are several things to take into consideration in order to supply your furry friend with the best care you can provide. Below are some of the daily care requirements for dogs and how you should approach providing them for your small pup.

Feeding Your Small Dog

Depending on the size of your dog, he probably won’t be able to chew large sized food comfortably therefore you need to be sure to purchase dog food made specifically for the smaller dog breeds. You can readily find dog food at the store that has the smaller nuggets as opposed to big chunks. Canned soft foods are also suitable for your small dog.

Containing Your Small Dog

All dogs require exercise and a safe place to potty outside, and a fenced-in yard provides all the security they need, right? A fenced in yard does come in handy, but you need to be sure it is small dog friendly. Fences made for large dogs might have gaps that your little pooch can get through. Also, with small dogs you need to think about owls and hawks which can swoop in from above and a fenced area won’t provide a defense for that. A covered kennel run might better satisfy your small dog’s needs.

Training Your Small Dog

Small dogs might have a few eccentricites when it comes to training, but you must keep a firm hand if you want a well behaved dog. No matter if he fits in a purse or a pocket, your small dog still sees the world in terms of pack behavior, and if you’re not leading the pack, he is. House training can be a challenge with smaller dogs but you must be consistent to get it to work. Just like big dogs, small dogs should know that they must provide something in order to get their treat. Have him sit or do tricks before you give him a tasty treat or even his meal.

Grooming Your Small Dog

Small dog care involves some specific grooming needs you’ll need to consider. For one, their nails have to be clipped quite regularly – much more than a larger dog who wears his down naturally in outdoor activities. You’ll also need to brush your small dog’s teeth twice a week if you’re feeding a soft canned food diet.

Small dogs have the same fundamental care needs as larger dogs but with a few different twists. The differences may seem like minor details, nevertheless paying attention to them can make a large impact when it comes to meeting your small dog’s special needs.

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