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Guide to using harness on the dog

Walking is an enjoyable and beneficial activity for the owner and the dog. Walking would be a good opportunity for master and pet to bond, to keep fit and to meet the social needs. The master will gain friends as a dog would always be a good ice breaker. The dog, on the other hand will have a chance to meet and play with other dogs.

In spite of these benefits, an owner would at times hesitate to walk the dog. This would happen if the pet would hurt itself by constantly pulling on the leash. Dogs have the inclination to wander and one that has slipped from the collar would be very difficult to recall. If you have similar concerns in walking your dog a harness would be a better alternative to a collar? A harness will be more suitable to pets that pulls on the leash as trachea and neck injuries can be prevented because the pressure will not be concentrated on the neck.

Instead of collars, many dog owners have opted to use harnesses especially if the dogs have the habit of pulling on the leash. Harnesses would be more suitable for dog breeds with delicate necks and small heads. Unlike a collar, a harness may be a bit complicated to put on and the dog may not tolerate the pressure of the harness bands on its body. How would you make the task of getting the dog to wear a harness easier?

To make the task of putting on the harness easier you need to have the cooperation of the dog but as these pets are always eager to please the master, the task would not be too difficult. Before putting on the harness, play with the dog for a while. Praise and treats will make the dog biddable. Stand over your pet so that the body is between your legs.

With this position you can easily restrain the dog if it tries to slip away while leaving the hands free to put on the harness. Slip the neck loop over the dog’s head. Make sure that the loop is well fitted. You should be able to insert two fingers in the neck loop. Lift one leg and insert the foot to the opening on one side of the breast plate. The same procedure must be done on the other leg. Ensure that the breast plate is correctly positioned between the legs. Pull the band over the dog’s belly and snap the buckle together. For the comfort of the pet make sure that the harness is fitted accurately.

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