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How to get rid of dog fleas

Perhaps, the most common dog health problem is an infestation of dog fleas. Treating dog fleas can be a real headache for dog owners especially if the flea infestation is not treated promptly. Dog fleas live in the dogs fur and bite the dog. A dog can acquire fleas from other dogs, grass and outdoors, or the dogs environment.

Flea allergies and diseases carried by dog fleas are potential health risks to a dog with a flea infestation. An allergic reaction to the flea saliva can cause hair loss and rashes that can become severe if the dog fleas are not treated.

Why is it important to treat dog fleas at the first sign of a dog flea infestation? Dog fleas multiple at astounding rates. The dog fleas not only infest the dogs fur, but can also become a household infestation.

The dog owner must treat the fleas on the dog and the fleas in the house in order to get rid of fleas. Flea shampoos, flea collars, and monthly applications of flea repellents are common flea treatments.

For treating fleas in the house, all the carpets need to be thoroughly vacuumed. The use of a high-powered vacuum or shop vacuum is often recommended. Even wood floors should be vacuumed since fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae may be present in the crevices of the floor boards.

Cloth items like blankets and bedding that the dog uses need to be washed in hot water and dried on high heat if possible. Metal, plastic, and other surfaces around the dog like food bowls and kennels should be washed thoroughly with soapy, hot water.

Flea spray and flea bombs are flea treatments for the home. The areas of the home where the dog spends most of its time should be sprayed. A flea bomb is used to treat several rooms at once.

The instructions on dog flea treatments need to be carefully followed. Flea treatments are chemicals that could potentially harm the dog, other pets, or members of the family if used carelessly.

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