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How to prevent your dog from getting fleas

Dog fleas are an unwanted nuisance to both the dog, and their owner. Fleas will cause irritation to your dogs skin, and to you. To prevent your dog from getting fleas there are a few different things you can do.  One thing you can do is talk to your vet and see what they suggest you use. There are many products available, so your vet will probably have a better idea of what will work best for you.

The age of your dog will also affect what type of flea prevention you can use. Puppies cannot use the same type of flea protection as older dogs can use.

One method you can try is the dog flea spray. You can get this spray at the store, or through your vet. You will spray your dog so that it kills the fleas, and prevents them from multiplying. You do need to make sure you follow the instructions on how much, and how often you dog will need to be sprayed.

Another method is the flea collar. You can find the collars at the store as well as the vet, by putting the collar on your dog it is supposed to kill any flea that bites him. If your dog does not like collars you can also try flea drops with the drops you just put the correct amount on your dogs neck. You will need to use the correct amount for the size of dog you have. Read the instructions so that you get the right size, and so that you know how often to apply the drops.

Another way to prevent fleas is to use flea shampoo. The shampoo will kill any fleas that are already on your dog. You will need to make sure you bath your dog frequently to ensure the fleas do not come back. When bathing your dog you should keep him in the warm water for about fifteen minutes. The water will drown the fleas off of your dog. You should use a cooled mixture of boiled water with rosemary for the areas of your dog that were not submerged in water, this is also a great way to keep your dog smelling good.

If these methods do not seem to be working you can also take your dog to the vet and have them do a flea dip. This may cost more, but will be worth it if you keep your dog and house free of dog fleas.

With all these methods you will want to watch out for skin irritation. Some of these products can cause skin irritation, especially in younger dogs and much older dogs. You will also want to make sure you keep up on the treatment you have chosen, and keep checking to make sure there are no fleas. As soon as spring hits start your dog on his flea treatment.

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