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Pugs and hip dysplasia

If you can prevent Pug health problems you can help your Pug to live a healthy life. Though Pugs are by and large healthy as well as hearty dogs, there are certain health problems that can shorten their lives and severely deteriorate the quality of their lives despite giving them the best of Pug care. Some Pugs tend to become overweight, as well as sometimes can even become obese because they eat more than is good for them, which is because they are very voracious eaters and this in turn makes them more prone to suffering from common Pug health problems.

Also, when you are considering what the better Pug care steps are, you need to ensure that his nails are cut short and you also should ensure that his ears are kept clean and are regularly washed and also have them checked for redness, odor, heavy discharge and even head-shaking. Pugs also have numerous teeth enclosed in a small space and thus these can become crooked as well as crowded and thus they may contain excess of tartar, though by feeding them proper and special foods this common Pug health problem can be easily overcome.

Pugs, because they have a short and pushed-in face can often suffer from a common Pug health problem and that is its inability to breathe freely on account of such facial structure, and the problem is often compounded during weather that is hot and also humid. Thus, proper Pug care requires that you keep the Pug in cool comfort, though of course it should not be so cold that he suffers on this account as well. No doubt, the Pug has a very cute face though these very features can also contribute to certain Pug health problems.

Among common Pug health problems you will find some that affect him because of his structure while others are due to other reasons. Thus, you should be aware that the Pug is liable to develop anal sacs, conjunctivitis, colitis and also ear infections and he is also prone to suffering from flea bite allergy.

Pug dog encephalitis may last for varying periods of time including from a few days to as long as six months and even more. It most often begins as acute and rapidly progressing pain with common symptoms being depression, seizures as well as blindness and even an abnormal gait.

Other serious Pug health problems include severe ear infections. Excessive scratching and head shaking are symptoms of an ear infection. Checking the ears periodically for excess moisture, redness or swelling can help you to find problems early and make treatment easy and quick.

Thus, like most other dog breeds, Pug health problems are also a cause for worry. So before you bring home a Pug you should be aware of what the common health problems that are breed specific to the Pug are as well as other Pug care steps that you will need to know if you want to prevent common health problems from affecting the Pug.

By taking care to learn about how a Pug’s health can deteriorate, you can then take preventive measures to ensure that he lives to a healthy old age without suffering from Pug health problems brought on by neglect or carelessness on your part.

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