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Reminders for taking care of pets in Summer

Summer is here, and with it the need for taking care of your pets during the summer. The warmer weather we love means there are added things that need to be thought of to assure the health of the family companion. These are a few reminders of things to watch for.

Water and shelter are tantamount. Your pet should always have clean, fresh water available as well as a shelter from bad weather or shade from the sun. During hotter weather, your furry companion will consume far more water than usual to remain cool, be aware of this and check the dish often.

Two large concerns for hot weather are heat stroke and dehydration. By learning the signs of these two serious conditions, you can avert the potential for heartache. Listen to the weather forecasts and in the event of extreme heat plan ahead.

Warmer weather triggers other animals to come out of hiding, not all of them welcome. Poisonous insects, snakes, scorpions, and other creatures also thrive in better weather, this can lead to injury to you and your pet. Use the required caution for yourself and your friend.

Parasitic pests think your pet is a walking diner with a neon open sign on them. During warmer months it is important to use flea and tick repellents as directed, and groom the animal to watch for any problems. If you notice a large number of parasites be prepared to contact an exterminator to treat your home and yard.

Vaccines are an important step to the safety of your pet. A vaccine does not stop a disease but can help your friend if they come in contact with an infection by lessening the effects. If you enjoy traveling with your pet, you will need to get the advice of your veterinarian for the proper vaccines for the areas you will be going to.

A large part of taking care of pet in summer includes knowing your pet's breed. Some animals were breed specifically to handle certain weather conditions, such as the cold climate dogs like Siberian Husky or Malamute. This becomes important because cold weather animals may not adjust to the hot weather as readily as others. Owners avoid this by shaving or making a pool available.

During this time it is only natural that we flock to bodies of water, and this often includes taking the family dog. Taking a dog on an adventure has the same types of responsibilities as taking a child. You will need to watch for potential hazards and be prepared in the event of an emergency. This may mean the purchase of a life jacket for the dog, or reflective vest. There are also First Aid kits which can be purchased designed specifically with animals health in mind.

Summer is a great time to have fun for everyone. By thinking of your pet's needs you can drastically reduce the possibility of a bad experience. By taking care of your pet and taking a dog training class in summer you can keep a happy, healthy companion for a long time.

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