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Several dog diseases and symptons to consider

Some diseases will infect both dogs and humans. You may get some illnesses from your pet. Here are three common dog diseases and symptoms to know.

Common tapeworms

This most common type of infection is from the Dipylidium caninum. It is also called the cucumber tapeworm. It can infect dogs and their owners. Children are especially susceptible to this type of tapeworm. Tapeworm eggs are in the waste of infected animals. Fleas eat this waste. When the dog accidentally ingests fleas while biting, they tape worms are passed to them. An adult tapeworm can get up to eighteen inches long.

Symptoms to look for

A tapeworm infection is usually not a problem. Dogs will scoot on the floor or ground. This is to relieve the itching from the worms in the anal area. Dogs may have weight loss and lethargy. Worm sections will be seen in the feces. Dogs may occasionally vomit up rather large sections of tapeworms.

Children with tapeworms may have diarrhea or feel sick. Tapeworms show up in human feces also. Children will often get pin worms. This is similar, but is not passed on from dogs.

Tapeworms are easily killed with proper medication. The best prevention is good flea control.

Lyme disease in pets and pet owners

In many parts of the country, Lyme disease is a major problem. It is passed from an infected tick. Tick bites carry the bacteria to the host. You and your dog will get Lyme disease, in the same manner.

Lyme disease will act similar in humans and dogs. Arthritis symptoms may present. There may also be fever and a lethargic feeling. Loss of appetite can also happen. It is hard to test for Lyme disease in dogs. Prevention is stressed with this illness. You can spray your yard for ticks. Examine your dog often. Be careful with tick removal. Dogs can get a Lyme disease vaccine. It is very effective.


Leptospira is caused by bacteria. This illness was controlled with vaccines for many years. New strains of the bacteria have appeared in raccoons. The bacteria live in the raccoon's kidneys. They pass it on when urinating in water. Dogs can pass the illness to humans.

Symptoms of Leptospira

Dogs may vomit and show signs of distress. Acute kidney failure is possible. It can be fatal in some instances. People will have symptoms similar to flu. It can become a more serious condition. Weil's disease can cause kidney or liver failure. Meningitis is also possible.

Some treatment and prevention options

This disease is easily diagnosed. Antibiotics are very effective, if received soon enough. Get rid of your dog's waste in a sanitary manner. Be careful outdoors in any bodies of water. Do not set food or water bowls outside, where raccoons can infect them.

Final thoughts

There are disease that will infect you and your dog. Keep vaccinations current. Practice sanitary disposal of pet waste. Be aware of your surroundings. Know and understand dog diseases and symptoms.

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