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Simple and safe dog pain relievers any dog can use

One of the most wonderful experiences there is in life is having a dog. They truly are man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Enjoy the great times that you have, but you must also take on the responsibility of taking care of them when they are not feeling well. Read on to find important tips and information on dog pain relievers that all dog owners should be knowledgeable about.

OK, so obviously the dog is suffering from some sort of pain-have you checked why? It is crucial that you correctly establish the source of problem so it can be addressed and dealt with appropriately. Imagine giving Fido a strong dog pain medicine for arthritis when really, all he needs is a good anti-parasite treatment. Have him examined if you believe that he has a more serious sickness that needs proper treatment.

If your dog’s discomfort isn’t critical in nature, use natural remedies to treat it effectively. For instance Ginger and Peppermint essences can alleviate the nausea some dogs acquire in road trips. Stress levels in dogs can also be lowered by rubbing a few drops of valerian, chamomile and lavender oil on his fur or sheets.

Matted fur that cause “hot spots” and tick bites are prevalent causes of nuisance for the animal. Provide soothing comfort by applying a blend of water and tea tree oil on the irritated area. Have a bottle of some Eucalyptus spray ready and mist it all over your dog to repel the parasites from him. It will also leave your dog smelling fresh and clean. Use herbal based formulations in treating your dog’s flea problems as much as possible.

Help ease the stress that canines feel by giving them a gentle massage or brushing out their fur. This releases tension that also causes pain. Brushing them will allow you the opportunity to spot check for any tumors, rocks, ticks and wounds that your dog may have. Put some Aloe Vera on the cuts but if these wounds don’t heal after 10 days, bring them to a vet.

Human medication should never be used as dog pain medicine at any time. The medicine that we use, no matter how mild we may think it is, contain chemicals that are too strong for animals. There are people who sometimes use Aspirin for their dogs in small amounts; but Aspirin can result in ulcers. Moreover, it also thins the bloodstream, endangering the life of an animal recuperating from surgery.

If your dog’s pain is not being helped by these natural remedies, then it is time that you ask your vet for a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug that your dog can safely use. These NSAIDs are known to be quite safe, although there are still cases where some dogs experience some adverse side effects when they are put on these. It is recommended that any drug is used only over a specific period of time.

Using these simple and effective dog pain relievers will help see to it your dog experience an amazing quality of life thanks to you. Take the necessary care in managing his diet and exercise and a healthy, happy dog is yours for the asking!

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