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Things To Know Before Bringing Home a Puppy

Congratulations on your new puppy! It’s such an exciting time. Now it’s time to prepare before you bring the rambunctious pup home. There are so many things at pet stores that you may feel overwhelmed about what to buy. These are the things to know before bringing home a puppy.

Purchase Puppy Toys

Puppies safely learn with physically and mentally stimulating toys. These toys provide a safe way to keep your puppy’s mind sharp while allowing them to bond with family members. Before you bring the puppy home, go to the store and pick out a handful of toys. Have them ready and waiting in a basket designated for dog toys. Then, you can find out which toys are your dog’s favorites.

Get a Leash, Collar, and Name Tag

Your puppy may already have a collar, but you’re more than welcome to pick out a different one you love. Go with a favorite sports team to show how big of a fan you are. Try a floral pattern or something seasonal, like fall leaves or snowflakes.

Understand that you’ll need to pick up new collars as your puppy grows. You never want it to become too tight because it could harm your puppy, but if the collar is too big, they’ll slip right out of it. Try out a few different leashes to find the one that feels comfortable.

Have an ID tag ready to go for the collar. Hopefully, your dog never runs away, but the tag includes personal information, such as your phone number, to let the potential rescuer know how to return your pup to you.

Have a Cozy Bed and Crate

Finding the right size crate doesn’t need to be complicated. If you provide your pup with too much space, they might make a mess and potty. On the other hand, if there’s too little space, your puppy will feel cramped and uncomfortable.

When potty training your pup, you want them to sleep in the kennel at night. But afterward, there are a few places your dog will feel comfortable sleeping at night. Ensure you have a soft and cozy dog bed for them to nestle into.

Buy Age-Appropriate Dog Food

Have the same food on hand that your pup has been eating at the breeder’s place or shelter. You’ll save yourself the headache of running to the store after picking up the puppy and will have everything ready to go at home.

Puppies can have digestive issues if you switch up their dog food suddenly. Providing them with the same food will ensure your pup will enjoy a nice meal.

You’re now ready to pick up your puppy. The above advice will ensure you’ve prepared everything before you bring the new pup home. Then as you get to know each other, you’ll figure out what else you need.

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