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What will happen to a dog that eats chocolates

Chocolates are comfort foods for humans but these products derived from the seeds of the cacao tree are poisonous to dogs. Just like humans; dogs love the yummy goodness of chocolates too. People that regularly binge on chocolates would suffer no ill effects from this food aside from getting a thickened waist. For dogs, death can be the outcome of eating large amounts of chocolates.

A lot of dog owners were not informed about the dangerous effects chocolates would have on dogs. The chemical Theobromine contained by the cacao seeds from where chocolates are derived makes this yummy food toxic to dogs. Chocolates have toxic effects on dogs because these animals cannot metabolize Theobromine. The poisonous effects of chocolates would depend on the weight of the dog, on the kind of chocolate and on the amount of chocolate ingested by the dog. The level of Theobromine contained by chocolate products vary thus the poisonous effects would vary as well.

Owners that have just learned about the toxic effects of chocolate would panic if the pet was seen wolfing down the milk chocolate bar left lying on the table. No dog would ever say no to a bar of milk chocolate. A milk chocolate bar contains less chocolate and more sugar and milk thus one bar would have no harmful effects on the dog One bar of milk chocolate ingested by the dog will not cause poisoning.

It would be a different matter if a pet has managed to gain access to the pantry and feasted on baking chocolate or a pack of dark chocolates. Poisonous effects of chocolate would be fatal if the dog has ingested dark chocolate or baking chocolate because these products contain higher levels of chocolate and therefore would contain high levels of Theobromine as well.

A dog will show the symptoms of poisoning if it has ingest large amounts of Theobromine. A dog poisoned by chocolates would vomit and suffer from abdominal pains . Owners that have not seen the dog eating chocolate would know what is happening to the pet as the vomit will contain not only blood but also bits of chocolates. The poisoned dog would appear intoxicated as it would have a wobbling gait and would find standing up difficult. Dogs poisoned by chocolates would urinate frequently and would have increased heart rate. If treatment is not administered at once, these poisoning symptoms can lead to seizures, coma and to the death of the pet. There is no antidote for chocolate poisoning. Urgent medical treatment would be necessary to save the life of the dog.

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