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Young dog and arthritis

Arthritis in dogs can be due to sever different factors, particularly common are injuries, congenital defects and simply getting older, just as in humans. In dogs, even a minor injury can lead to arthritis later in life. The conditions to which some breeds of dogs are predisposed, such as hip dysplasia can also mean a predisposition to developing arthritis as the dog ages. Even dogs who have never suffered an injury in their lives may well develop arthritis as they age.

The most common dog arthritis is osteoarthritis which is a degenerative disease in the joints where the cartilage will need remodeling, and then the new bone causes the arthritis. The dog arthritis symptoms are usually a gradual onset of limpness in the limbs. In other words lameness will result to where the dog finds it difficult to walk. Most often a dog will also be less likely to be active such as walks, playing, or even going up stairs.

Dog arthritis begins as a gradual limpness in the affected limb or limbs and may progress to lameness. An advanced case will reveal itself as a dog that is less active in play, on walks and generally has difficulty walking. The stiffness and pain are more likely to be pronounced in the morning or after a nap – when the dog has been sleeping in the same position for some time. During the day when the dog is most active, the pain is generally minimal.

A dog afflicted with arthritis will tend to feel pain if their limbs are touched near to where the joint is inflamed. There is usually swelling as well, but this will not normally be visible to the naked eye.

Dogs with arthritis can be treated with medications which are available to help manage the inflammation. However, a lot of dog owners prefer to take a more natural route for the treatment of their pet’s dog arthritis. In a lot of cases, these treatments are more effective for the animal. The most popular natural remedies for arthritis in dogs are Glucosamine and MSM. Many experts believe MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin to be the three essential ingredients in a dog arthritis treatment regimen.

Glucosamine is naturally occurring in the body (it is an amino sugar). The process of aging tends to reduce the body’s capacity to produce this important sugar. Not found in any important food source, Glucosamine can be derived from the shells of shellfish. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful in treating osteoarthritis both in humans and in animals.

In many cases, a change in diet may be sufficient to alleviate arthritis in dogs. Some arthritic conditions will respond to this step in conjunction with exercise. Obesity can be a factor in the development of arthritis; by keeping the animal at a healthy weight, the aches and pains of arthritis can be taken away, as well as keeping the dog in a better overall state of health.

However, arthritis remedies of various sorts may be needed along with a change of diet in order to manage the pain and other symptoms of dog arthritis.

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