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Beware – Excessive protein is bad for your dog’s health

Just like any living organism in this world, dogs have certain food that they should avoid or not eat. Because your dog cannot communicate with you directly, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to take care of a dog’s dietary needs.

It is commonly known that chocolates are bad for a dog health, and you should not feed your dog any food that even contain chocolate. Not as commonly known are raisins and grapes, as both are toxic to dogs, too much of them in your dog’s stomach might even cost him his life.

While many of such these ingredients come from homemade diets and snacks, this articles seek to inform you that commercial products may contain deadly and harmful ingredients too. They are namely excessive proteins and chemical preservatives that you might have unknowingly feed your dog constantly.

Dog food companies manufacture and formulated “performance food” in the market. These dog foods have high or rather excessive amount of protein and are designed specially for dogs or working dogs with a high level of activities. These food are consider to be containing excessive protein and would be unsuitable for smaller breeds or dogs that seldom exercise.

In cases whereby dogs get excessive protein in their body, they are excreted in the dog’s urine and it was research and believe that excessive protein content might also be one of the cause for damaging a dog’s kidney. It is also known that damaged kidneys have difficulty processing protein.

It was also believe that excessive protein cause dogs to show more aggression because too much protein provide too much energy for dogs to handle effectively. Although it is not the food that makes the dog aggressive, it might be that the already aggressive nature dog is affected by a high protein diet and need space to release them. It is certain that some dogs that show certain type of aggressive behavior can be tame by feeding a lower protein content diet.

Chemical preservative is present in most commercial dog food for obvious reason – to preserve and increase the life span of the food. Preservatives in dog food can prevent mold related fungus that can cause severe health problems in dogs that eat them.

However, some of these chemical preservatives are detrimental to the dogs that consume them, even when in small amounts. Preservatives, such as Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT have been investigated for their links to certain health disorders. Ethoxyquin, above all, shows indication to be cancer causing to dogs.

Dog owners out there, do understand that your dog’s health is your sole responsibility. Do take extra care and time to research and feed the best dog food whenever possible.

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