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Did your vet ever prove to you his food is the best dog food?

Do the big named brands of dog food make them the best dog food selection for your dogs? My research shows that the names we know best have little to do with how healthy they are and more to do with the size of their advertising budget.

Your vet, unfortunately, does not have the best dog food available for your canine. Just because a dog food is sold by your veterinarian does not mean it is the healthiest food available.

After my Beagle started suffering from Seizures, I have spent a lot of time researching the best dog food available on the market. I have learned more about how to decipher a dog food label and understand what all the ingredients are, than most people know about their own human food.

The problem was the more research I would do the deeper I would get into this ugly world of commercial dog foods.

It became apparent that in order for me to be sure I was feeding the best dog food, I would need to understand a whole lot more about how the pet food industry worked.

I have documented my findings in many articles about the pet food industry, which is virtually self-regulated, and about how the industry uses deceptive labeling language to deceive pet owners about true contents of pet food.

There is no law to assist us for selecting most suitable dog food apart from the law that makes it compulsory to mention the contents on label in descending order of weight of ingredients. If corn is the initial ingredient listed it is the largest component of the product regardless of what it is called.

The best thing to do is skip over the name on the bag and go straight to the ingredient list. After you make it through the first couple of ingredients that you think you understand what they are, that is where the fun begins.

Some of the top brand dog foods, use dried egg products as one of their ingredients, this not the same as using eggs. You would find what’s in dried egg product very sickening to eat so why feed it to your dog. When something contains chicken by-products is is not of the standard you would serve on your dinner table.

These ingredients are just the ones that you can kind of figure out what they might be, but how about the preservatives and vitamins listed that you probably won’t have a clue what they are?

This why I was happy to find during my research a very strict guide of what to look for on a dog food label, and this is what I use to find the best dog food, for my dogs.

Out of 150 brands of dog food, just 10 were of good quality that I would consider feeding to my dog. You want your dog to eat healthy and when you look at the ingredients on these 10 dog foods and then do a check against what is available at your vet’s, you will see the need to take a personally proactive approach.

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