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Ensuring healthy pet food

Many pet owners are discovering natural alternatives to commercial pet food. All truly natural foods contain only natural ingredients. Today there is a wide variety of natural healthy pet food products to choose from and there’s been a significant increase in the market share of natural and holistic pet food. This is predicted to double over the next five years.

The Pet Food Institute, which represents pet food manufacturers, has issued a statement to reassure the public that most pet food is safe but is it the best for your pet? Pet food is a 26-billion-dollar industry, second only to oil. Although commercial pet food is a great convenience for busy caregivers its a known fact that commercial pet food is made of slaughterhouse by-products.

Pet food is one of worlds most synthetic edible products, containing virtually no whole ingredients.Finding a tasty and healthy pet food is the most loving choice you can make for your pet. Throwing out the commercial pet food and replacing it with natural pet food is the first step to optimizing your pet’s health. Cheaper pet food is really no bargain if causes enormous, long-term health expenses.

A pet owner must be satisfied in the belief the pet food is all the animal really needs to completely meet its nutritional needs. Once owners understand how a pet food is manufactured, it makes it easier for many of them to choose the type of food to use. One source for fats in pet food is rancid restaurant grease. Most pet food contains meat classified “4D” by the government: scrap material from the human food industry. Whole Chicken labeled for pet food is exactly that – the whole chicken, including intestines, heads, feet etc.

If the pet food is not made of human grade ingredients, the government requires that the meat be denatured with chemicals, further degrading the product. Often the meat in pet food is shown simply as meat with no animal specified. Very little pet food is obtained in an organic or sustainable way and you can’t assume that just because its available from your vets its therefore healthy pet food.

Trying to purchase healthy pet food is an unscientific process because it tends to be driven by taste but even the most nutritious pet food is no better than the worst if an animal will not eat it. Guaranteed content analysis of pet food is compulsory but note that the quality of a pet food can’t be judged simply by looking at the percentage of protein shown on the label. Healthy dog food should consist of 40% meat (incorporates protein), 30% starch, 30% fiber.

Healthy dogs and cats don’t need to eat every single day, compulsive animal overeating is causing serious obesity problems. As with human food, the more that pet food is processed, the more nutrients are lost from it. Feeding animals a steady diet of processed pet food is something akin to humans eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald’s. A growing number of vets agree that processed pet food is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern dog and cat.

Bear in mind that feeding your pet a healthy diet doesn’t have to be expensive. An alternative to commercial pet food is a raw diet consisting of raw meat, fruits and vegetables. Organic pet food is the same almost as organic human food, one such food is Darwin’s Natural Pet Food which is made with 100% natural free-range meats and organic vegetables, under the guidance of veterinarians and animal nutritionists. Active Life Pet Food is made with 100% human grade ingredients specially prepared in a human-graded facility.

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