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Fish oil for dogs

I got a call today from one of my partners, who wanted to tell me about what one of the participants in our test group had told him. Our test group had tested my ultra pure pharmaceutical grade fish oil for a few months, before it was released, and the female participant that had spoken to my partner was, for lack of a better term, our guinea pig.

The test participant that my partner was calling me about is a widow of about 50 years old who works as a nurse at a dialysis clinic. She also has two dogs of about 9 or 10 years of age.

She had been taking an inferior fish oil product which gave her “fish burps” and did not have the high levels of EPA/DHA that she wanted. So she started taking my formula, which is pharmaceutical grade and has those higher levels of EPA/DHA that she was looking for.

Her reason for taking the fish oil was to cut down on the amount of pain she was feeling from being on her feet all day as a nurse. At 50, she was experiencing arthritic discomfort, and she had heard that fish oil was helpful in reducing the type of pain that occurs in the joints.

She had been taking my special fish oil formula for a month, when she told us that she had experienced a substantial decrease in her pain level. She even went so far as to say that it felt like she had new legs!

Now we get to the part about the dogs.

Her dogs, named Shaggy and Shea, were getting up in age and therefore were not as active as they were in their younger days, and Shea seemed to have a bit of limp. After being on the fish oil formula for a month and feeling great, she decided to give the dogs one soft gel each day at the same time time as they got their doggy treats. In only two weeks, the dogs' energy levels were markedly increased and Shea was walking without a hitch.

Now I know this is not scientific, and I'm certainly not a veterinarian. I really don't know what to make of it, other than it's a good story. But if it works…I'm not going to stand in the way of her giving fish oil for dogs.

But back to the dogs' owner. She isn't the only one reporting that pharmaceutical grade fish oil is effective in the fight against common arthritic discomfort. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is a potent weapon in the fight against many joint ailments of various stripes and colors.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil can assist your heart, your joints, and your brain. A study I read today from Columbia University Medical Center in New York says that omega 3 fatty acids may help decrease the risk for Alzheimer's by 19 to 24%.

In my generation and the one that follows, the fear of developing Alzheimer's is the number one health concern.

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