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Five Tips to Keep Your Dog Food Fresh

Dogs are traditionally not very finicky when it comes to eating, yet you could easily find your dog turning his nose up at a dish that has been laying around the floor. It could easily be that his food has gotten stale or damp from sitting around all day. The same food that made Fido’s tail wag when you poured it from the bag can lose its flavor and appeal since they have become dry and wet.

This is exceedingly real if the home is moisture laden or if you make a habit of serving the pet old food that’s been kept in the fridge for too long.

Below are 5 recommendations to keep your dog’s food appealing & yummy:

When and if you open a bag of dry dog food & end up with it filled with bugs, what more than likely happened is that the food went bad while it sat around too long. The bug larvae were so small that they escaped the food processing equipment & quickly hatched in the food. You will find the expiration date on the bag of of dry food, so analyze the dates before buying. If the food was still fresh when you bought it, make sure you feed it to your pet before it does. Keeping your dog’s food out of the line of direct sunbeams will help keep it fresh & thwart the oils inside from getting hot and spoiling.

If you recently got a bulk quantity of your dog’s favorite dry food so you could use up those brand coupons that were taking up wallet space, put a little of the food in a container & put it in your freezer, or stick the whole bag or box of dry pet food in your freezer if there’s extra space. When it’s time to feed your dog, get the container out of the freezer an hours ahead of time so it will be able to thaw. Store the leftover portion in a sealed tupperware container to keep it fresh.

Seal your dog’s bags of dry food using a bag clip. Bag clips can be found in many sizes for different-sized bags. If you have a home office, maybe you have some binder clips that will work just as well. Just like bag clips, binder clips turn up in several sizes.

Newer items, similar to the Scoop N Seal, help you keep large dog food bags sealed airtight as the bag empties. Scoop N Seal is available at most pet supply stores.

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