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Foods you should feed your Labrador

When it comes to Labrador nutrition, there is nothing that is more important than taking the time to choose the best diet for the dog. The food they eat is going to affect their health more than anything else, and it is vital that they are getting the proper nutrition from their food. Choosing dog food is a much more serious task than most owners seem to realize. Every food on the market contains different ingredients and has the potential to either provide go nutrition for your dog or cause them allergies or other problems.

It may be intimidating at first to start learning about Labrador nutrition, especially because there are literally thousands of different dog foods to choose from and it can be overwhelming when you head to the store and see all these options staring at you from off the shelves. There are a few steps that can help you out, and which will help make the process a great deal easier.

If you are concerned about your Labrador's nutrition and want to find the best food for your dog, the first and most important thing you can do is read the list of ingredients on the label. You want to make sure that there is real meat listed as one of the first ingredients, such as chicken or beef.  Watch for fillers like bones and feet, because these are just used to make the dog feel full and will not provide them with any real nutrition.

Reviewing the list of ingredients on the back of the bag is always a good place to start, and by law pet foods must list their ingredients by weight. This means that those ingredients listed first are what the food is primarily made up of, and which are the most important. Human grade ingredients are essential for a healthy food and the more economy brands of dog food that tend to be made from inexpensive ingredients which are harder for your dog to digest.

By choosing the right dog food for your dog you will definitely be making a giant step towards providing your Labrador with the proper Labrador nutrition. There are other things that you have to worry about however when it comes to creating the best diet for your Labrador, one in particular involving supplements.

Veterinarians and dog nutritionists typically believe that if a dog is being fed a well balanced dog food and is in generally good health that they do not need supplements and some even go so far to say that supplements can result in unbalancing the diet by disrupting the relationship between vitamins and minerals, a relationship that is necessary for proper nutrition.

You really need to be careful if you decide to do this however, because it can actually do your dog more harm than good if you go overboard with it. Calcium must be in balanced with phosphorus and magnesium in the diet and an overabundance of calcium can cause serious health problems so ensure that you are giving the right amount.  Check with your vet before you start any kind of supplements for your pet.  They can provide the best insight into a proper diet for your dog.

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