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Healthy dog food – are there any out there?

Gone are the days when dogs were fed scraps, or fended for themselves in the wild. Dogs have come a long way where food is concerned. These days, owners feed them anything from fresh prime steak to standard dog foods, with the addition of bones, dog chocolate drops, chunky chews and dog biscuits. Suddenly, a dog’s life doesn’t sound all too bad!

Well, they deserve it, don’t they? Who wouldn’t feed man’s best friend and companion the best diet they could afford?

Over the years, however, veterinary experts have noticed that many dogs are exhibiting more signs of degenerative illnesses than ever before. A possible explanation could be due to the advancements made in more sophisticated diagnostic tests identifying these illnesses. Yet, we cannot deny the overwhelming evidence that such diseases being detected just didn’t occur with such frequency a few decades ago.

A growing movement to move away from mass-produced standard dog food is gaining popularity. Many feel that most of the dog food on the market contain additives and ingredients which do more to harm a dog rather than actively contribute to his good health and survival rate. Reliance on such mass-produced pet food have shown a corresponding increase in degenerative diseases such as renal failure, arthritis and obesity; sufficient evidence to suggest that the diets offered by manufacturers in the market do not adequately meet a dog’s nutritional needs.

A consultation with your vet is always a safe bet when trying to decide on the healthiest options and diets available for your dog. Your vet will advise you on the vitamins, protein and minerals your dog needs for his optimum health. The nutritional level a canine needs will be based on specific activity levels, breed, age and current health status. These are specific dietary requirements that a can of low quality dog food will not be able to fulfil. However, rest easy in knowing that there are healthy alternatives on the market which are now available to ensure that your pet is well taken care of.

Do ask you vet about Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin – both manufacturers produce scientifically formulated pet foods. Your vet will advise you on the specific diet that is suitable to your dog’s current health and these specially formulated pet foods can help him through any existing conditions he may currently have. Giving your dog health biscuits can help ensure he is well fed, and these treats will definitely make him feel happy as well!


Another available option would be to prepare your dog’s meals yourself. Many dog owners are turning to this tried and tested method of giving healthy, raw ingredients to their animals, believing that it is only right to feed them what they are genetically programmed to be able to eat. Healthy recipes for such meals are easily available. You can ensure that the meals given to your dog are natural and free from suspicious chemicals. Scientific evidence shows that dogs fed on entirely wholesome food do not age as quickly as those fed on high carbohydrate dog foods, and neither do they succumb to the degenerative conditions and diseases that are observed so often in surgeries today.

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