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Homemade dog diet

Dog owners have different opinions when it comes to homemade dog diets. Whether a dog owner chooses to feed the dog a raw food diet or make cooked food, there are certain essential ingredients that should be included in homemade dog diets.

Commercial dog food contains significantly more carbohydrates than what I dog would naturally eat. While most commercial dog foods contain thirty to seventy percent carbohydrates, the most a dog eats in the wild is less than thirty percent.

A homemade dog diet attempts to replicate a natural diet. Therefore, a homemade dog diet should contain about thirty percent carbohydrates.

Grains, starchy vegetables, and the rice are examples of carbohydrates commonly included in homemade dog diets. Carbohydrates, like potatoes, should be cooked since dogs cannot digest them properly.

Fat and protein are crucial ingredients for a homemade dog diet. A dog’s diet for adult dogs should be up to fifteen percent fat according to the Merck Veterinary Manual. Puppies need slightly more fat than adult dogs.

A dog’s diet should be about twenty-five percent protein. A dog can die without a sufficient amount of protein since dogs need protein for the amino acids. Amino acids are important for proper functioning of many body systems.

Some examples of protein for a homemade dog diet are chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef. Liver may be used, but a dog should not eat too much liver.

Many homemade dog diets contain some fresh, chopped vegetables. Many dog owners believe that their dogs need a significant amount of fiber. Dogs do not necessarily need fiber, but some fiber can be beneficial for digestion and maintaining proper body weight.

Grapes, chocolate, mushrooms, raw eggs, raisins, and raw fish are examples of foods that a dog should not eat. A veterinarian can answer questions about the nutritional needs for a specific dog. Some homemade dog diets are made especially for dogs that are pregnant or have health concerns.

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