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Homemade dog food simplified

If you are like me, you love your pet and want the very best for them. We provide them with wonderful homes, groom them well and feed them with what we think are the best dog food in the market today. Well, the home and grooming is great; but did you know that homemade food may be a better alternative to most of the goods you see on grocery aisles? That’s right; give the best by giving homemade pet food to your beloved pet.

There is one important thing you need to know. Leftover table scraps are not qualified as homemade dog food. Pieces of bone, seed, tough stems and even animal fat should not be fed to the canine. If you consistently have meals that are healthy and low in sodium then go ahead, hand him some of those uneaten vegetables under the table. Otherwise, it will be best to prepare a healthful diet specific to him.

Remember to keep away from fare that is harmful to them. Some examples of these are chocolates, ham, lunch meat, cheese and overly spicy food. Not only will these cause problems in your dogs digestive system; many times adverse reactions can even cause death. Incorporate healthy grains like rice, barley and oatmeal in his meals. Add bite size pieces of chicken, beef or any organ meat so long as you don’t over feed him on this. Make certain all food are cooked thoroughly.

Fresh vegetables like carrots, broccoli, seaweed and bananas finely chopped and mashed will make for great additions to the meals you are preparing for him. The main purpose and goal with homemade pet food is to provide your dog with the right and appropriate nutrients that will make him as healthy as possible right? You can also read up on special supplements to fill in the essential vitamins he may not always get. As always, consult your vet first before proceeding with any diet changes.

The rule of thumb is that homemade and store bought food should not be served simultaneously to the pet. Oftentimes, the result of this will be indigestion and maybe food allergies. If Fido has been feeding on a certain brand of dog food and you want to start weaning him off it, do so gradually. Begin by handing him small snacks in between the regular food you serve. If there are no unfavorable physical reactions forthcoming, slowly decrease the volume of processed dog food and increase the quantity of fresh fare being given.

What’s great about this is that you do not have to be bothered about preparing their meals daily. You can even take the leftover, healthy scraps from the dinner table the last few days and transform it to a weeks worth of yummy doggie meals. A tip for the wise: change your menu often. This will lower the possibility of acquiring food allergy, which happens when the pet is fed the same kind of food too frequently.

Serving up delicious homemade dog food is not only a healthier alternative; it may save you some extra cash as well. Use the savings for doggie treats and entertainment you and your beloved pet can enjoy. Now if that doesn’t get an excited yip from you and Fido, I don’t know what will.

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