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Homemade dog food

Everyone wants the best for their pet. In addition to giving them adequate exercise and medical care, it is important to be sure they are fed good foods to insure a long life. We take for granted that commercial pet foods are the best for our dogs. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true.

Dog food companies are in business to make money. They do not have to follow the same regulations that are given to companies that manufacture food for human consumption. They have, instead, their own regulations that are not as stringent. Some of these regulations allow for using some rather unsavory ingredients.

This would include things that you would never in your wildest dreams feed to your dog. If you are aware of this situation and you would like to do something about it, then here are some suggestions on how to make sure that your dog is getting the nutrition it needs.

Though it is more time consuming, a lot of pet owners have started making homemade dog food. It does take longer than purchasing ready made food at the store, but the advantages certainly make it worth while. Paying attention to prices will allow you to spend a similar amount to what you spent previously on commercial dog food. Here are some things to take into account when preparing homemade pet food.

Most people think dogs require meat to stay healthy. This is not correct, dogs are able to live quite well on a vegetable based diet. It is important to choose the right vegetables and prepare them properly in order to ensure your pet’s health. Dogs often live longer on a diet of homemade food. Like humans who would be unhealthy from eating fast food every day, dogs are also better off eating freshly prepared meals.

Some foods are not good for your dog and it is important to take care that they are not eaten. These include macadamia nuts, milk products, chocolate, grapes, raisins, and alcoholic beverages. Outside of these restrictions, there is a wide variety of foods you can prepare for your pet.

You’ll always be taking care of your dog throughout it’s life. The extra nutrition found in homemade food may actually make your pet live longer. Your dog will love you for it and this will definitely make you happier too.

The price of making dog food from scratch might put you in a financial crunch with the high cost of food at your local supermarket today. Though if you think about it, who doesn’t give food scraps to their beloved pet.

Some people think dogs have different dietary demands, though it is definitely ok to give them homemade food instead of store bought varieties. This is because dogs digest their foods in the same manner as humans and this has not been disputed scientifically.

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