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Improving Pug nutrition

Recently there have been recalls of pet foods due to a risk of poisoning your precious pets. Even before the recalls, buying pet food has never been the best idea. If you want good Pug nutrition for your beloved pet then say goodbye to the idea of commercial dog food forever. Pug care means giving your dog the best and making sure your dog is healthy and happy. One way you can make sure this happens is to provide your dog with food that is free of chemicals, additives and provides them with the necessary nutrients.

However, you may not be aware that commercial dog food is the opposite of Pug nutrition and Pug care. Your dog will be a much happier pet if you find some Pug dog food recipes and make your own dog food. Making your own dog food is the best way to go about Pug nutrition. There is no better way to ensure your dog’s health and happiness than to feed your dog natural foods instead of processed commercialized dog chow.

Making dog food at home is easy once you realize that many of the foods that are good for your dog are foods that you eat and that your family eat. Pug nutrition is no different from the nutrition required by children and adults. Basically you wouldn’t feed your family a diet of fast food and junk food all the time, so why would you do that to your dog? Pug care improves and becomes easier when your dog is eating natural foods with no additives.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to making your own dog food. Some people will advocate feeding your dog raw meat while others will say that you should cook meat. Do your research and look at the pros and cons of both ways before deciding. It all depends on you and your dog, what works for some owners and their dogs may not work for you and your Pug. Pug nutrition can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and your dog’s individual needs.

Providing proper Pug nutrition is easy if you follow a few simple rules. Avoid dairy products, pastas and corn products, as these are not good for your dog. Although onions and garlic make food taste good they are bad for your dog.

Put this in a casserole dish with one finely chopped carrot, one finely chopped small potato, a finely chopped stick of celery and a half-cup sliced green beans. Cover this with water and mix it all up. Stick it in the microwave for ten minutes on high and then ten minutes on medium.

One of the Pug dog food recipes that is easy to make is a doggy hamburger. Boil five cups of brown rice with ten cups of water. When the rice has come to a boil add two pounds of low fat hamburger with five tablespoons of mint that has been finely chopped up.

Cook the rice separately and before each meal and add to the casserole. This is a basic recipe and you will soon be inventing your own with different meats and vegetables.

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