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Top 10 gourment dog treats for brilliant nutrition & delight!

Every dog deserves something special every now and again, just to show
that you appreciate them. Short of feeding them premium grade steak,
how can you show your dog you care in a good-owner kind of way? Luckily we’ve have done the legwork, so you don’t have to. Ok pooch, prepare to be spoiled!

Uphaus Free-Range Real Meat Treats are soft, moist, mouth-watering
treats made from 100% human grade ingredients including free-range
meat, succulent beets and natural seasonings.

Wellness Pure Rewards are a pure, simple luxury. Loaded with flavor and
texture, and topped off with 95% premium grade protein content, these
are the prefect snack for any canine.

Solid Gold speaks for itself with its Jerky Treats, not only a high
grade gourmet mouthful but also non-allergenic, making it the treat of
choice for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Etta Says! Freeze-Dried Treats are created using a unique freeze drying
process which captures all the scent of pure meat, the succulent flavor
and all the goodness.

Northwest Naturals Liver Treats are highly irresistible. They are
highly nutritious for your pet as they are made from 100% pure liver.

Whole Life Pet Treats: These treats are a perfect choice for your dog.
He will enjoy all of the human grade ingredients that went into the
recipe, such as: raw beef liver, whole cod, and other meats. They can
be served as a jerky type snack, or soak them in water and watch them
plump up into tasty little doggy delicacies.

Check out the healthy and delicious snacks from Newman’s Own Organics
Training Treats if you know your dog would like something that tastes
pure, yet flavorful. This is a leading brand that you can safely trust.

Wellness WellBites Soft & Chewy Treats combine a glorious soft and
chewy texture with two delicious kinds of succulent meat, wholesome
grains and luscious fruits & veggies, with delights such as
blueberries, sweet potatoes and cane molasses.

For toothsome treats for tiny puppies look no further than Solid Gold
Tiny Tots; yummy tiny mouthfuls of lamb and brown rice snack, enhanced
with rosemary, molasses and cinnamon.

The Wellness Just For Puppy Treats cater to the mini-appetite with
ingredients like blueberries, prime salmon, and flaxseed in every
succulent bite.

For a tiny appetite but a big taste choose Dogswell Minis Functional
Dog Treats with such delicious ingredients as premium succulent Chicken
Breast, and finished with a medley of aromatic herbs.

So gourmet treats don’t have to be unhealthy. Give your canine friend a special treat to say thanks for the good times.

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