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8 ways to improve your dog training

Dog training can be done a number of ways and different methods get different results. Below are 8 tips to improve the way your train your dog. Master these 8 tips and your dog will be a superstar!

#1. Vary Your Training Pattern

Mix up when and where you train your dog. Try spending 15 minutes with your dog in the morning instead of 15 at night. A change of scenery always keeps things interesting for you and your dog and you will get better results.

#2. Keep Positive!

Training should be as fun as possible. Your dog will pick up new commands much more easily when it's having fun. Go into training in a positive state of mind and always use positive reinforcement to encourage desirable outcomes.

#3. Master a Few Exercises

To start with try to master a few select exercises and practice these in different places at different times, once you have mastered one exercise more on to the next. This is far more effective than trying to teach your dog a wide range of different commands and being mediocre in all of them.

#4. Communicate using Body Language

Dogs communicate using body language. Try to speak less and make your desires known through the way you behave. After you have practiced this for some time you will have a much stronger understanding and connection with your dog.

#5. Read Your Dogs Facial Expressions

Dogs have remarkably expressive faces, but more often than not we fail to notice what they're trying to tell us. Look for relaxed bodies and open mouths on dogs that are happy and relaxed, and stiff bodies and closed mouths on dogs who are concerned about something.

#6. Be Consistent Always!

When training your dog, consistency would have to be one of the most important habits of all. Make things as easy as you can for your dog – use short commands and limit each trick/order to having just one command.

#7. Teaching Good Behavior instead of Punishing Bad Behavior…

Many dog trainers and dog owners unknowingly focus on punishing bad behavior instead of rewarding good behavior. Encourage good behavior by teaching your dog what you do want it to do instead of focusing on what you don't want it to do.

#8. Learn How to Teach Your Dog From an Expert Dog Trainer

If in doubt, get yourself a copy of a respected dog training guide. Following a guide when training your dog is not only fun but it also means you'll get the best out of your dog and eliminate bad behaviors before they start.

Practice these8 tips and you will notice massive improvements in your dog's behavior. Click the links below for more information about dog training and to read a review of a revolutionary dog training guide.


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