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A guide for Golden Retriever training

One of the most consistent popular choices for family pets today is the Golden Retriever. This breed is exceptionally friendly and very playful thus, making them the best choice with children of all ages. Since they are reasonably bright and are pleasers, the time and effort that will be spent in training your dog will make it worthwhile.

Nonetheless, Golden Retriever training can be time consuming and very disappointing sometimes for both the owner and the dog. This article will guide you on how to go about training and ending up with a pet that your family will enjoy.

Being Housebroken

First thing that you should teach your dog is where is the location you want them to use for their bathroom breaks. Most dog owners want to have their dogs learn to potty outside their house, and one major way this can be successful is by using a crate.

Not only will crates be a positive tool in guiding your pup to learn to manage his bladder and bowels but crates can also give a comfortable and safe place for your dogs to sleep. A lot of dogs are not at ease in going to the bathroom the same place where they sleep so by keeping your pup in their crates for periods of time, he will learn to hold his urges until he gets outside. Once he is used to doing his business at a proper place, make sure you give him an abundant amount of praise to strengthen his training.

Biting and Chewing Behaviors

A dog would commonly use their mouths to check out the world around them. However, it is not okay for dogs to use their mouths when playing with their owners. One of the essential points in Golden Retriever training is teaching your dog that using their mouth to nip or bite is unacceptable when playing with you or any member of the family. The usual thing that Goldens do is chew on the nearest object whether its your favorite shoe or his favorite toy.

The chewing habit of dogs, which can be very destructive, usually happens if they are not given enough attention or if they are left by themselves for long periods of time during the day. To be able to avoid this behavior, make sure you give your dog with lots of toys that he can chew on. Also make it a point that he stays away from your furniture and your wardrobe.

Same with other dog training, Golden Retriever training takes some time and patience to successfully complete, but this type of training is far from impossible. Since Goldens are so eager to please and intelligent, being hyper can make it difficult to keep their attention for a long time during training sessions. It will take patience and determination as you successfully work with your dog.

Try keeping sessions short and sweet, and fill them with plenty of praise and positive reinforcement when you can. The result will be a well behaved dog that is a delight to his family for many years.

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