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A guide to buying good dog toys that can teach your dog good behavior

With the increasing variety and choices available in the market, choosing and buying dog toys can be a daunting task. There are so many types, sizes and shapes to choose from, one, would not know where and how to start from.

Safety apart, when choosing a dog toy, dog owners have to keep in mind that dogs and puppies love anything they can tug, toss, shake, pull and cuddle with. There are good dog toys that promote good behavior, and bad dog toys that encourage bad behavior. The dog toy itself is a simple concept; it is what you allow your dog to do with it and how your dog uses it shape the outcome of your dog’s behavior.

Understanding how dog toys can shape your dog’s behavior is vital in getting a good dog toy. The advantages and benefits to buying good dog toys is that when used appropriately, they can be used to redirect destructive behavior and encourage exercise. Good dog toys and games are not based on rough play or biting. Balls, Frisbees, Nylabones, rope toys and stuffed animals are the best dog toys. When used properly, these types of toys allow your dog to relate to them as play things.

When selecting a dog toy, take into account the size, breed and temperament of the dog. A large ball may be suitable for a large breed of dog, but is not be suitable for a smaller breed of dog. A dog that is very active and yearns for a day in the field may enjoy a Frisbee or the toss of a ball.

Some breeds get bored easily and this leads them into mischief, digging and chewing behavior. These types will need a dog toy that keeps them occupied, such as a Kong. Other types may just enjoy being lazy around the house and enjoying the companionship of the family. This type of dog may be content chewing on a stuffed squeaker toy.

A properly made dog toy will be safe, non-toxic and virtually indestructible. Purchasing a high quality dog toy will yield the most fun. There are even dog toys that clean teeth and gums and are even flavored with peppermint.

Good dog toys, apart from being safe, meaning they do not splinter or pose as a choking hazard to your dog, should promote good dog behavior also. They should not teach the dog bad behavior like aggressiveness and possessiveness towards its owner, children or even other dogs. If you realize that your dog toy is teaching your dog the wrong stuff, change it immediately.

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