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A guide to Poodle training

Anyone who is considering getting a Poodle for a pet should first become more informed and aware on the topic of Poodle training. Training a Poodle can often be trying however, and especially this is a breed that tends to be quite stubborn and often dominant as well. Training Poodle puppies can be very fun and rewarding however, as long as one is willing and able to put the time and effort in that is required here.

Training a new puppy can be as basic as just teaching him to come when called and to housebreak them. When it comes to Poodle training however there are a few things in particular that it will be important to teach them and it is best to teach them as early on as possible so that they will grow up to be a polite and well behaved dog.

There are many important aspects involved with Poodle training, and one of the most important of all is to teach them what they can chew and what they cannot. The best way to do this is to buy them some toys and then teach them that they are allowed to chew these and nothing else.

If they are ever caught with a shoe or piece of clothing in their mouth for instance, rather than reprimanding them it is best to simply replace the item with one of their toys. Even if this happens a few times, they will end up learning over time.

If the puppy is ever caught with something in their mouth that should not be there, such as a shoe or piece of clothing for instance, the best idea is to distract them away from it and then replace it with one of their toys so they can learn what is okay to play with and what is not.

Of all the issues that are involved in Poodle potty training, there are some that will be more trying than others, but the important thing is that at the end of all this the dog will know the correct place to go and your home will not become a big doggie toilet.

Take the puppy outside on a regular basis and show it the proper place to go or, if paper training, keep the paper in the same place. Expect accidents and be consistent. Reward your puppy when the proper place is used and clean up any accidents quickly and completely to discourage use of the improper place again.

There will of course be a certain fee for them to provide these services, but it will be well worth it to make sure that the dog is in the right hands and will grow up to be properly trained.

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