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AKC recommends that you train your Teacup Yorkie

To help your Yorkie dog learn to retrieve scratch his chest with one hand. Your Yorkie dogs will sit holding the retrieval training object you have chosen for a long time so long as this pleasurable scratching continues.

When training your Yorkie to retrieve personal belongings, take your Yorkie dog by the lead up to a number of articles, pointing to each one as you walk by it, saying with some excitement, ‘see’, ‘good boy, seek’. Use an inspiring tone. Yorkies are surprisingly attuned to human emotion through pitch.

Usually if a dog reaches for its owner’s personal item during retrieval training he grabs the item, as he is very excited and eager to play. Praise him immediately; but should he pass it by – return to it, and show it to him, pick it up, and use it to play with him. Then take him away, get it put down for you again, and try once more.

The well behaved dog in public If your dog obeys during training they are going to have a wonderful time, really. I think that you will like best a dog that has been trained to stay happily in your car, for example, and would reward the Yorkie for the relaxation you feel.

I often think that a dog is best left in a car rather than outside a store. Even though I am often shocked by the way owners shut the windows up tight in hot weather (this really IS bad) until the dog is really suffering.

‘Sit’ in front and go round to heel to finish with most dog training. In teaching a Yorkie dog to ‘seek back’, go for a walk and on your way.

If your dog has not done as you would like during training, do not scold him. Dogs will be excited next time you train and will learn better this way.

Our Yorkies love lil’ jack liver treats. They will learn a lot faster when we use the treats they love! I do not know about other Yorkie’s, but ours are not willing to train for biscuits.


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