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All about Yorkshire Terrier litter box training

Yorkshire Terrier litter box training is an effective way to maintain a
clean house, while keeping your Yorkshire Terrier really happy. In
practice, male Yorkshire Terriers are identified with their poor habit
of making spots every here and there, so you must help him to mark a
particular spot every time with an effective Yorkshire Terrier litter
box training program. In fact, Yorkshire Terrier litter box training is
an excellent mode to refrain your dog from doing it over every vertical
object he comes across.

Yorkshire Terrier litter box training is really effective for the
owners who are old or handicapped or for those who stay in public
housing or work at home all day long. Yorkshire Terrier litter box
training not only helps the owners, but also for the dogs since they
come to understand the perfect time and place for elimination. Since
the dog is really very intelligent, some of the dogs feel embarrassed
and shy away if they feel they have done mistake doing their
elimination in the wrong place. They in fact feel comfortable by using
their designated area.

When your Yorkie is a puppy, nonetheless to say, it is the ideal time
to implement Yorkshire Terrier litter box training. You can start your
training lessons with a litter box, some litter and cleaning supplies.
A bigger sized cat litter box is appreciated since it can be customized
as necessary, such as with the removal of the top surface. This helps
the dog to obtain more comfort when using it. Always discourage your
Yorkie promptly if you find him eliminating in other areas than his
designated litter box. Generally, the dog understands the verbal
discouragement very nicely.

Removal of the litter is not a difficult task to accomplish. In fact,
it is really simple. Although it is not a fun job to do, you cannot
avoid doing it. The process of caring for a litter box is the same as
for a kitty litter box. If using clumping litter simply scoop out and
dispose of the litter clumps every day. Then on a regular basis, such
as one or twice per week, completely dump the box and replace with
fresh, clean litter. It is essential to keep this area clean.

Since the aim of Yorkshire Terrier litter box training is to facilitate
the dog to use the particular litter box, praise it with sweet words
like “Good Boy” when the dog is using the litter box correctly.
However, you must act with consistency during the training; otherwise
the dog will be confused and take longer time than actually required.

Consistency must be facilitated in three ways. One is of course
discouraging the dog if it tries to use wrong area, encouraging the dog
for using the litter box and keeping the litter box clean and in the
same place all the time.

Your commanding voice must be placid and assured in tone, but harshness
or coarseness should be strictly prohibited. With the proper command,
you can make your dog more active in following your instruction and the
dog, in turn, will offer his best effort to please you. The training
session must continue for eight to ten weeks, following which the
Yorkie does not need any external supervision for using the litter box.

After that, the dog will become accustomed to the litter box activity
and use it without any external monitoring. So, you will have
successfully finished the Yorkshire Terrier litter box training for
your dog.

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