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Are you the cause for your dog’s bad behavior?

When a pet is termed as bad by the owner, usually it is they who are the cause. When you are walking down the road, it is extremely annoying to find a pet jumping at you only to spoil your clean clothes. When your front yard is the chosen venue for the next door pet to leave his many calling cards, this is also frustrating. Would you like to call them bad dogs?

They are as bad as the children next door who are out of control. When adults in a home are clueless about their responsibilities, you can expect only bad behavior from pets and kids. Inexperienced owners would be smart to find a pet trainer who can teach them how to properly handle the animal without breaking its spirit. Ask the help of your veterinary surgeon or pet store to locate trainers who conduct private or group sessions; alternatively you could go online and take the help of an online course.

This training could teach owners how to be in command of their pets. Trainers have been heard to comment that dogs are easier to train to be obedient than their handlers. When you want the dog to be leash trained, make them practice in a small area away from other distractions. Barking is a behavior which is extremely annoying to both owners and neighbors. Remember when they bark, they are trying to communicate, so if you shout or punish them for this, it will only result in puzzling the poor creature.

Often, dogs bark because they lack attention or need food and water. The dog barking can also scare off potential burglars so shutting him up completely may not be a wise idea. Remember not to promote barking when he is a puppy and then get all worked up when he continues to bark even more as he gets bigger.

You can bring about a change in behavior in your favor by providing the occasional bit of praise and a special treat; which is something the trainer will show you how to achieve. How do you make your puppy stop the undesired behavior? Well, simply learn to reward him when he does something which is ‘desired’ behavior.

There are many behaviors which are part of the breed of the dog so it is important to remember that you can teach your pet to go against these. If you want a certain type of conduct, then get one that can give you what you expect. For a dog to be well-trained, you require affection, tolerance and dedication.

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