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Beagle puppies live for fun

Fans of cartoons already know that Snoopy, from the “Peanuts” cartoons
is the most well known beagle in the world. Due to its popularity, many
families have decided to have a beagle puppy for a pet and are rewarded
by a fun loving, loyal animal that ingratiates itself into the family.
Often considered to be a happy dog, the beagle has an even temper and
docile temperament, and can easily be integrated into a family, even
where young children are present.

The beagle is known to be a little like children in wanting to play,
especially with other members of their household. The dogs are
extremely intelligent and can learn new behaviors quickly and then to
please their owners, want to show off what they have learned. If the
beagle puppy has been around other dogs from their birth, their social
skills will develop quicker making them ready to accept a place in a
new environment.

Some may describe the beagle as a bundle of energy looking for a
place to release it all, but all they really need is a chance to run
and jump a couple of times a day to be ready to take their place in the
house. Very few owners of a beagle puppy will even consider allowing
the dog to remain outdoors, and even fewer beagles would be willing to
do so. Although originally bred centuries ago to be hunting dogs, due
to their extraordinary sense of smell, the beagle is equally happy to
search for things around the house.

However, this penchant for hunting can also be hindrance for their
training as their short attention span can quickly allow the
distraction of a strange scent to take over as they head out in search
of its source. A beagle puppy may be willing to learn but a new smell
will divert their learning into a game of hide and seek. If the puppy
is allowed to roam free in a yard, they may disappear on the trail of a
different scent.

Beagles are not only great as family pets, as their ability to
track scents allows them to work with many agencies where larger dogs
may not be as efficient.

Airports often use the beagle for baggage inspection, as their
small size does not intimidate children and most adults. Their use is
property searches continues to grow with every successful mission.

Many times imports are quarantined when they enter the company
until they can be inspected for suspect goods. Agricultural products
may have an item in them that cannot be allowed in and trained beagles
are often used to help find such products hidden inside a shipment of
otherwise acceptable goods.

The beagles is also known for its tenacity in tracking down a
scent, usually refusing to give up until its source has been isolated
or the scent has been lost completely.

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams is an animal owner that is raising multiple house pets. This article gives great information on raising beagle puppies.

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