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Biting puppy syndrome is a problem

Dogs are best-known to be man’s best friend, you as the owner of the dog, are responsible for training your dog, if you want him to live up to being mans best friend. when you take home that cute little dog it has a loving and rambunctious nature. What he requires is discipline and that’s you come into play.

Altogether dogs are usually the most adorable of pets, inherently faithful, fun loving, comforting and always amusing. All The Same, you have to face the fact that dogs are 3 years old standing in terms of discipline. That is why a training program early is required. Dogs absolutely love their owners affection and wish to please them. It is up to you to make your puppy recognize what is expected of him in the way he behaves. In their view, life is in a continual state of fun. They have no idea what is good or bad conduct, unless you let them know what is. One of the most common dog behaviour problems you will have to put a stop to is the biting puppy syndrome.

Puppies like chewing on everything, as any dog owner will tell you. The biting puppy may have a nice time chewing on your slippers, a book or a tasty bone. He should be able to enjoy any of his bones, but you want to provide the guidance to their behavior, so it keeps your pet away from your slippers. They do not know that there is a difference, unless you let them know.

If you let your pet do as they wish, you may soon have an disrespectful biting pup, with everything in their approved list of biting behaviour. If you are an irresponsible dog owner you will have no one to blame but yourself for this, when he graduates to bite you, your kids or your neighbor every time he wants to. A biting puppy that is unrestrained, will become a dog that bites, landing you both in a lot of problems.

Just like children, dogs need behavioral guidance. Getting a biting puppy to understand the limitations is genuinely quite simple. Where do you draw the line? Biting food items and bones is a good rule of thumb. Anything else is a deal breaker. If you allow him to bite an old, worn out pair of carpet slippers, you are giving him a license to bite and chew up a assortment of household items. He cannot distinguish between things which are OK to bite and those which are not.

Pups, while teething, are prone to be biting puppies. However cute you might think their decimation of yesterday’s paper, you have got to put your foot down. Dogs only understand rules in terms of the absolute. It’s either OK or not OK. The punishment must also fit the crime. In the case of inanimate objects, a rolled up paper, with a sharp noise report, will get your message across.

You must hold in reserve the most serious punishment for infractions which involve your puppy biting a human. No matter how fun loving, lacking in spite or whatever, a puppy must be deterred from the idea that biting a human is acceptable. Let’s say your daughter decides to share some fat scraps from her dinner plate with her puppy. He’s certainly eager to share in this largess, unwittingly biting her in his haste. While he means no harm, if you let this pass unpunished, you’re giving him a green light for behaviour that spells trouble down the road.

In order to promptly and unequivocally nip the biting puppy behaviour in the bud, you have got to come down on him hard. A sharp smack on the nose, removal of the food and the dog version of a time out is what you need to impose. Put his leash on and give him a taste of isolation out on the porch, along with a firm ‘bad dog’. This is language and action he can understand. He will know that his behaviour resulted in a physical punishment, loss of the desired item and isolation from his family.

Using this strategy, you can quickly and easily train your biting puppy right out of his bad habit. By the time he is 6 months old, you will have a permanent toddler dog who knows his limitations!

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