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Chew toys for dogs are guaranteed to make happier playtimes!

Dogs like nothing better than to chew, as I am sure anyone who has had a puppy will testify. This desire to chew isn’t something they grow out of either! Giving your dogs chew toys provides them something to channel their chewing energy into, other than your furniture.

Chew toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can range from the very simplistic to the more trendy and high class. At the simple end of the spectrum are the plush toys. Your dog will love to carry, chew, and retrieve these furry, durable toys. The Multipet Curly Pets toy is available in four fun animal shapes (Monkey, Kiwi, Frog, and Pig), and it squeaks when your dog squeezes it.

The tough Squirrel Hide-A-Toy will be your dog’s favorite. Finally an animal they can pursue and capture for some gratifying chewing! The toys available from Jakks Pacific are soft, double stitched for durability, and squeak amusingly when your dog chews them. It’s time for Rabbit and Opossum to play – let’s go!

Though they may be very chewable, dogs are more responsive to a toy that pleases their taste buds. The Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide ring, for example, comes in a variety of sizes, from small to large, tastes great, and will last for many hours. Fitting the Gnawhide ring inside Bouncy Bones increases it’s longevity up to ten times!

Similarly, there are complex chew toys that allow your dog to work in order to receive their treats. This in turn reduces boredom and stimulates your dog both mentally and physically.

Check out the large, heavy duty vinyl Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball, which allows your dog to dispense treats on his own by playing with it. Easy to grip, the toy makes playtimes even more amusing by dispensing snack-size treats!

The Kong Extreme comes in different sizes for different dogs – made from durable ultra-flex, a kind of non toxic natural rubber, it can be stuffed with treats such as Kong Stuff’N Mini Beef & Liver or peanut butter paste for hours of tasty chewing amusement.

If your dog is toy sized breed, the Premier Twist and Treat Small might be a better choice. The Twist and Treat’s durable natural rubber is easy to fill and clean, and it’s a great interactive toy for your dog’s play time.

The Crazy Pet Bumble Ball can help your dog loose weight by engaging in a little extra cardio. The shaking and wiggling action will bring this toy to life, making your dog go crazy trying to catch it! You’ll have a sleeker, happier dog after all the hours of calorie burning fun they will have with this toy.

Chewing doesn’t have to be annoying! Stave off boredom and be a better owner by channeling your dog’s natural instincts into a positive exercise.

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