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Common Problems You May Have with Your New Puppy

Puppies are undeniably cute—there really is no disputing it. Those faces are so loveable, and their level of excitement is contagious. Naturally, you’re excited about bringing your new fur baby home, but that excitement could cause you to forget all the work and responsibilities that come with your new cuddle buddy. Be on the lookout for these common problems you may have with your new puppy.

Constant Barking

Barking comes with the territory. However, constant barking can be problematic. Don’t let this problem fester. You need to act fast so that it doesn’t become a learned behavior or a habit they can’t break.

First, you need to understand why your pup is barking. Observe the situation and see if something seems to trigger the barking each time. Avoid yelling at your puppy for barking. Instead, ignore them until they quiet down. Once they do stop barking, reward them for settling down. One preventative measure you can take is to make sure they’re getting enough exercise, as this will remove that pent-up energy and help your puppy destress.

Excessive Chewing

Have they destroyed your shoes yet? If so, we know how you feel. But the good news is you can save the next pair. Chewing, mouthing, and biting are normal activities for a puppy. They love to test out those little teeth. There are ways to guide their attention to items better suited for their chewing habits, however.

First, you need to puppy-proof your living room. If they can’t find your shoes, they may move on to the furniture. Restrict their access to some areas of the house with a playpen or a gate. Place chew toys in their area where they can bite to their heart’s desire. Continue to play with them, but if they start biting, stop playing so that they learn the behavior is bad.

Dumpster Diving

For some reason, many puppies love the trash. If they can get to it, they will dumpster dive and cause havoc. There’s nothing in there forgerman shepherd puppies them, and you don’t want to deal with them getting sick or tearing up the kitchen. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your pets out of the trash.

Start by making it impossible for them to get inside with a sealed lid and foot pedal. Most dogs are not heavy enough to open it. After a few attempts, they’ll likely lose interest in trying to attain last night’s scraps.

Not Listening

Adjusting to your new living situation will be a bit of a learning curve in the beginning. You both are still getting to know each other, and your puppy isn’t sure what your expectations are. Remember to be patient when they ignore your commands.

It’s crucial to teach a puppy its name. Say it once and wait for them to look at you. Once they give you their attention, reward them. Keep this cycle going until they respond when they hear their name. Remember that too many distractions could make it harder for them to focus on you. Once you know how to get your puppy’s attention, you can train them more effectively.

A few more challenges may come along the way because all puppies are different. But remember to keep these common problems you may face with your new puppy in mind.

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