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Discover standard concepts for training a puppy

How crucial is a dog’s own disposition and personality when it comes to dog training? Well, dogs are like people in that they may react differently to different training methods based upon their dispositions. Also, some dogs will be more difficult and some dogs will be easy going and that is just their own disposition. But there are a few basic dog-training concepts that will remain the same regardless of the dog or the training technique.

The first thing to be conscious of when training a dog is timing. No matter how much we attribute human characteristics to our dogs, they are not human. They do not comprehend when we tell them something after the fact. You must correct or reinforce behavior instantly. If your dog pooped on the floor an hour ago, it is too late for him to understand any correction now. He’s forgotten all about that and he won’t understand why you are yelling at him now.

You must be consistent when you are training a dog. Dogs do not comprehend the meaning of “sometimes”. If you do not want your dog to jump on you when you are wearing your nice business suit then you must never let him jump on you when you are wearing your jeans. If you do not want your dog to chew on your beautiful new and expensive pumps you cannot let him to chew on your old ratty tennis shoe. With a dog you must be consistent with everything, every time.

Make sure that you offer both praise and correction. Most dogs will learn much faster and easier when they receive praise so make sure that you let him know when he does something right. Correction is also necessary so balance the two.

You must be decisive and firm with your dog. When you give him a command he must obey. If he does not follow through then show him but when you speak he must obey every time. A dog does not understand the idea of “sometimes”.

Make training fun. You can always do something new and have some fun while you are teaching and he is learning. Both of you will appreciate and enjoy it and the bond between you will deepen.

Be fair and reasonable with your dog. He needs to clearly know exactly what you want. You can break up your training times into smaller increments if that will help but it is critical that he clearly understands what he is expected to do. He can’t please you if he doesn’t know how.

You are responsible for how well trained your dog is. Any dog can be trained; it is up to the trainer to work with them as necessary.

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