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Disobedient dogs

A dog has a unique personality and will make its own decision to sit in the middle of the road or urinates on the neighbors flower arrangement. However when a dog simply doesn’t understand an instruction or a clear command, training is usually the missing tool.

Your dog sees himself as superior in the pack resulting in having less respect to follow your orders. Apart from causing frustration for everyone, disobedience can be dangerous if you find yourself in a tricky situation like having to pay a large excess on pet insurance if your dog has caused a serious car accident.

Stefanie Hunt- a proud owner of a King Charles explained to us that she felt awfully guilty when her king Charles ran out in front of a bike and enforced him to swerve into the mini roundabout.

“My husband usually takes Tilly for her afternoon walk but on this one occasion I was taking his place.  As I let Tilly off the lead to run free in the fields she decided to do a U turn and head for the main road. I shouted frantically many times but she carried on in her tracks regardless “

There is no chance the problem will go away or improve over time. Quite the opposite in fact, it will worsen if measures aren’t taken to gain back the respect as the alpha dog in the pack. The dog will be much happier when he understands his place beneath you in the hierarchy.

The key vital tips to gain a more obedient dog

  • Never allow the dog to jump out of the car first. Always make the dog wait until your “release” command.
  • Never allow the dog to eat before the rest of the family
  • Restrict access within the house, allowing the dog to roam certain areas only.
  • ‘Keep beds off limits’
  • The dog needs regular ‘fresh air’
  • Talk to your dog with a lower, deeper tone of voice

Restricting access within the house is another good way of reasserting yourself as leader as it demonstrates the house is yours, and the dog is simply a guest. Keep certain parts off limits such as beds, various items of furniture and even send the dog outside for an hour or two occasionally.

Remember you set the rules and decide on the routine such as when the walks take place and when it is suitable for play time.

An omega dog would never be able to initial play with the alpha pack member so if the dog starts to pester you for fun and attention, ignore it. This is dominant behavior.

For the same reason you should never rush over to your dog for cuddles and play when you arrive home as this indicates he has control over you. Instead do something else for 10 minutes or so, then go over and say hello. Monitoring how much attention you give out at one time can also prevent separation anxiety which can build up if you are out of the house too long.

A gentle training program should be implemented alongside the tasks outlined above. Just a few minutes a day at first with gradually increasing to around 15 a day until your dog is trustworthy and obedient. Use your voice effectively, keeping it light and cheerful for praise and harsher for giving commands. Instead of using “No” as a command, use “Oi” instead as it is easier for a dog to hear. It is vital that when training you don’t repeat a command but can always enforce it when the dog disobeys, for example keep your dog on a long lead when you go walking so you can enforce commands such as “come” and “stay”.

You should only concentrate on one new command per week. Once you start your dog's training, you will need to practice the new command for at least fifteen minutes every day.

Training your dog to listen to you….

With consistency and patience there is no reason that the status quo won’t return to the household with your dog following your orders and commands with ease. There may be frustration and annoyance along the way, but it will be worth it when you achieve a happy medium and avoid any nasty accidents or unnecessary stress.

Most dogs provide companionship and loyalty for as long as they live providing you give them the right attention and care. Simple ideas such as tasty rewards and long grooming session can be a benefit to achieving this.

Many Canine owners have found that the way you groom your dog has had an effect on its behavior. Brushing the fur away from you can act as a relaxing massage that helps the animal to settle down and remain composed. This obviously helps when trying to get your dog to a level where it can listen and absorb your commands.

Believe it or not dogs actually feel more confident when they have been brushed and will mostly enjoy a good pamper. A glossy coat also looks better than a mattered coat.

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