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Dog Care – Housebreaking Your Puppy

Housebreaking is the most important thing your puppy must learn to do for your sanity as the dog owner and for having a happy dog.  The ideal age to housebreak your puppy is between eight and twelve weeks of age.

The best way to housebreak a puppy is to crate train them. This method is highly recommended by dog trainers as well as veterinarians. When choosing a crate make sure it is big enough for the puppy to move around in but make sure it is not too big. You may also buy crate pads to make your puppy comfortable. The reason for the crate, it will be their sleeping quaters. A dog does not like to soil in their areas. Do not keep them in a crate all day. A puppy can hold it in for two to three hours. Make sure you take him out of the crate and straight outside every two hours. Therefore, they will also get into a routine. When housebreaking, routine is of vital importants. Try and take the puppy outside the same time every day, this way he will learn to hold it in until you are able to let him out. Important rule: *Do Not use the crate as punishment or they will associate the crate as a bad thing.* This will turn into bigger problems. They will not want to return to their crates and housebreaking will be more difficult.

When the puppy is out of the crate and roaming around the house be sure to look for signs that he has to go outside. All dogs are different some may circle in one spot, stare at the door, or he may be sniffing around, as the dog owner you must learn to recognize the signs. Observe his behavior carefully and you will be able to recognize the signs fairly quickly. If you catch him in the act take him outside immediately saying “No” in a firm matter, and let him finish his business outside. When he is done be sure to praise him with a dog treat or dry dog food along with saying “good dog”. Dogs love to please their owners so praising is of vital importance. Accidents will happen. It is up to you as the dog owner to keep your patience and be consistant.

Following these training tips will make it easier for you as the dog owner and for the dog. Remember a good dog is a happy and healthy dog.

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